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-----HHH SEGMENT-----

DX’s music hits as D-Generation X walks out to a cluster of boos. HHH steps out holding his WWE Championship into the air, while X’ing his hands. HBK steps out behind him, and then takes a step in front, pointing at the WWE Championship as if to highlight it. They are both followed by X Pac and The Tag Team Champions, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. They all make their way down the ramp, ignoring the arenas response and boasting amongst themselves. Once they get into the ring, and the music dies down, HHH begins talking.

HHH begins to go on about Bad Blood and how “he hopes an ol’ dog learned his lesson and that hopefully now Ric Flair can understand that he means nothing in this business anymore.”. HHH continues to slander The Nature Boy, by talking about how he just couldn’t get it done.

Eventually HHH is cut off, but it is not by Ric Flair’s music. The interruption comes in the form of a returning Daniel Bryan as his music hits and he walks out on the stage greeted by a swarm of YES chants. After the huge reaction dies down, Bryan says his piece.

Bryan tells HHH that no matter how bad he may try to “denounce Ric Flair’s legacy, it is simply something that is not possible.” Bryan goes on to talk about how he has watched the COO resort to humiliating Ric Flair for  the past month and if Ric Flair hod nobody to have his back, that Bryan would surley be the solution.

HHH and Bryan continue to have words, finally HHH announces the main event for tonight’s RAW Daniel Bryan & Ric Flair vs. The New Age Outlaws.


King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
Vader vs. X Pac

Vader took control of the match early, but the will and heart of X Pac would not allow him to be counted out. Vader dominated by big power moves, while X Pac used every chance he could to counter and gain himself some momentum.

In the end, Vader’s power proved to be too much for X Pac. After kicking out of a Vader Bomb, X Pac just didn’t have enough gas left to kick out when Vader delivered a powerbomb. Vader picked up the victory and advanced in the King Of The Ring, while still having the momentum he’s been building intact.



The scene opens up with Goldberg sitting backstage in his street attire on the locker room bench. Wiping his brow as he pushes his gym bag to the side, he starts to talk about what he did at Bad Blood to Diamond Dallas Page.

GOLDBERG : Yea, I'm back. Who's next, no it's actually like who's first? DDP is gonna be the first man to be dropped by Goldberg, because I can. Diamond Dallas Page doesn't deserve that United States Championship. I mean, fighting people like Prince Albert? You've got to be kidding me, if this is what the United States Championship turned into then WWE is in trouble. I mean, Diamond Dallas Page vs. Prince Albert, don't make me laugh. I'm here to show DDP that he's not the big guy at the top of the food chain anymore when it comes to contenders for the United States Championship . You finally have more then enough competition when it comes to that belt. Get ready for your title reign to come to an end soon. That's something you can count on.

The scene fades out as Goldberg pull his gym bag closer to him and begins searching though it again, getting his wrestling gear ready.


Dolph Ziggler vs. William Regal

This match was the most underrated match of the night. Dolph Ziggler and William Regal really put a show on. The two started out in a back and forth battle for control that was filled with counters. Eventually, it was Ziggler getting the upper hand.

After delivering the Heart Stopper dropping elbow combination, Dolph then went for the Zig Zag which was countered by William Regal. Starting to grow frustrated, Regal grabbed a chair, but Dolph wouldn’t let it end like this, knocking the chair away.

The two went on to battle a bit longer, in the end Ziggler hit a Zig Zag and picked up the victory.



After his match, the arena roars while Ziggler's music plays. Dolph flags the time keeper down as he asks for a microphone. Once he is passed a mic, his music cuts down and the stadium slowly silences before he speaks.\

DZ : You know, I won't deny, I lost at Bad Blood. Chris Jericho truly was the better man. That doesn't mean that I don't want another shot at him and the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring. See, I know that I can hang with the best of them, and as tough as Jericho is, I know that I can beat him. All I need is one more shot and I guarantee that I will steal the show. I mean, I'm sure the viewers want to see a rematch? I know that deep down, Chris Jericho can't live with our match at Bad Blood simply being the last that he sees of Dolph Ziggler. I mean, when you hear Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho, you know it's sure to sell out shows. Really though, I don't believer that the match played out to it's full potential. I'll leave the ball in Jericho's court though and let him decide if Dolph Ziggler is worth a rematch. I'm pretty sure if he's any type of competitor that wants to prove he's the best like he says he is, he will no doubt want to step back into the ring with the Show Off. If not, well...

DZ : It's too bad, cause I'm too good. Any obstacle in my way I will take down. If he wants to deny me, that's fine. Like I said the ball is in his court and I'm willing to play it however he wants. If he wants to simply take his ball and go home, then I will continue to work my way to the top and impress the corporate office until they have no choice but to give me one last match for the Intercontinental Championship.Trust in Dolph Ziggler, because it's about time I line my waist with a chunk of gold. It's about time that I get back on track and show everyone backstage why I deserve and earn everything that I get.

Dolph Ziggler waits with a stong belief that Y2J will come out and answer his challenge, but nothing comes. With a look of curiosity as to why stretched across his face, Ziggler drops the microphone as his music hits once more and the fans begin to rally. Dolph exits the ring and begins to make his way up the ramp.


No. 1 Contender Tag Team Championship Qualifying Match
Edge & Christian vs. The Road Warriors

The match started with Christian and Hawk at the opening bell. Both teams were determined to win. Christian took the upper hand at first, until he went for the trademark falling reverse DDT which was countered by Hawk, allowing him to make a tag to Animal.

From here, Animal took control of the match. Eventually Christian made a despiration tag to Edge, causing the momentum to shift once more in his teams favor. Edge hit the Implant DDT, followed by a Spear, but Hawk made a last second save before a three count could be made.

With both teams tired, it came down to Animal and Edge both making tags to their partner. In a back and forth battle in the end, Hawk did a Military Press Slam on Christian, and dropped down for a pinfall. Christian avoiding the loss from a rope break and as he made a despiration counter, he hit a Falling Reverse DDT, followed by The Killswitch. This would allow Christian to make a pinfall and gain the victory for his team.



The scene opens up in the back woods somewhere during the late hours of the night. You can hear the creatures of the night going wild and see the glimmer of the campfire in the background, followed by a faint smoke trail. Bray Wyatt paces around in a slow circle in deep thought for a moment, before he looks at the camera.

BW : You know, people don't quite understand Bray Wyatt or the Wyatt family, man. People in this world, they live like puppets. Feeble beings that are used for others doing. See, The Wyatt family, we don't have that problem, because we are free and we take whats ours. You want to know why I did what I did to Cactus Jack? We did what we did to Cactus Jack because he is one of those puppets. He will come out here and put his life on the limb. He will put himself through hell for the ratings, and the WWE corporate office will gladly allow him to be the sacrifice!

BW : Well, if you want to be the lamb, Cactus Jack, then we have no problem slaughtering you like cattle should be slaughtered. If you are the sacrifice, then so be it. As long as you play the fool, we will continue to take you down time and time again. That goes for any of these true legends that we have on the roster. A new breed of fear is here, and that is the Wyatt Family. You can try and fight the inevitable or you can follow!

BW : Choose...

Bray Wyatt laughs as Like Harper and Erick Rowan step in behind him. Erick Rowan wearing his lamb mask as always. The scene grows dark as Bray Wyatt continues to laugh before the camera cuts away.


Jey Uso w/Jimmy Uso vs. Viscera w/Mideon

At the bell, Jey Uso quickly realised it wouldn’t be easy taking Viscera off his feet, so he quickened the pace to the match with running stikes and high flying moves to gain an advantage. This helped him dominate most of the match. Jey caught Viscera with a superkick, and then took the fight ringside, suicide diving through the ropes.

It looked like Jey Uso would claim victory, but it wasn’t going to be easy as Mideon caused a distraction. In the end, the distraction was too much for Jey, causing Viscera to switch the momentum in his favor. In the end, Jey Uso lost a controversial decision after the referee did not recognise his leg being on the ropes during a pinfall by Viscera.



DDP vs. Goldberg

This match didn’t even start. An angry DDP began attacking Goldberg before the bell could even sound. Tossing him into the steel steps and then slamming him repeatedly against the barricade. DDP dropped Goldberg to one knee and then began working his back with kicks. Eventually Goldberg would counter and toss him into the ring post.

Both men continued to viciously brawl as it was broken up and the match was thrown out.


“N. W… NO”
Diesel's music hits the speakers causing the audience to irrupt with a positive reaction. He walks out with a smirk on his face, notdding with satisfaction, as he rules out all rumors of an NWO reunion at Bad Blood, delivering a Jackknife Powerbomb to Hollywood Hogan after his match with the Ultimate Warrior.

With a microphone in hand, he enters the ring, taking in the reaction he is getting from the crowd before his music begins to die down. Shortly after the crowd lowers their applause, he begins to speak about what went down at the PPV.

BDC : Now, let me address the elephant in the room! Everyone seems happy that the NWO reuion is far from truthful. The thing that everybody wants to know is why did you drop Hollywood Hogan on his back, Big Sexy? I dropped Hogan on his back because even after all these years, he still doesn't believe in a fair fight. He loves to have an army behind him. He's got an ego that needs to be readjusted, and I'm going to be the one to readjust it. See, he didn't give the Ultimate Warrior the respect he deserved in their match. Ultimate Warrior put pride into that fight at Bad Blood, and because his pride helped him endure everything Hollywood dished out at him, Hogan didn't wanna' play nice. Ultimate Warrior deserved the respect of a fair match. I wasn't gonna' stoop as low as to ganging up on the Warrior just to boost Hogan's ego.

BDC : Either way you see it, on RAW.. Big Daddy Cool is in the house and Hollywood Hogan has his chance to try and take me out. Let's see if he can do it, because to be honest, he's nothing without a back-up plan. On RAW, I'm ready to drop Hogan on his neck again, because that's what Diesel does. If he wants to try and use that weight lifting belt to his advantage like he did against Ultimate Warrior at Bad Blood, so be it. If he wants to try and rosort to anything dirty or underhanded, I'm willing to get down and dirty.  I'm not backing down from a fight, that's never been exactly what I do!

BDC : On RAW, you're gonna' get everything you have coming to you!

With another confident smirk, Diesel drops the microphone to the ring mat, causing it to bounce as Hollywood Hogan’s music hits…


Diesel vs. Hollywood Hogan

The match start with Diesel gaining dominance over Hogan. It looked as if he was in the drivers seat, but Hogan eventually got a counter off of a strike and turned the tide in his favor. Hogan began the clinic of power moves, which quickly turned into a back and forth test of strength between both men.

Eventually Diesel put Hogan down with a big boot, followed by a Haymaker, before signaling that the end was near. Diesel went for the Jackknife Powerbomb, but it was countered by Hollywood Hogan with a a back body drop. With both men down, they came to their feet at about the same time, but it was Hogan getting the first response, scooping Diesel up and dropping him with a scoop slam before hitting a Hollywood Legdrop to end the match.


After the match, Hogan takes off his weight lifting belt and begins belting Deisel across the back with it. The arena roars as Ultimate Warrior runs out to Deisel’s aid, but he is cut off by none other then Scott Steiner, running out directly the Warrior and smashing him in his back with a steel chair.

Ultimate Warrior eats the first chair shot and then spins around to see who hit him, but is greeted head on with a second chair shot that knocks him out cold.

From this point, Scott Steiner enters the ring and both Hogan and Steiner continue to assault Deisel. After Hogan feels like enough damage is done, he goes under the ring and comes back with black spray paint.

Steiner and Hollywood Hogan rip Deisel’s singlet down as Hulk Hogan sprays nWo across his back and the New World Order theme begins to play through the speakers.


Main Event
Daniel Bryan & Ric Flair vs. The New Age Outlaws

This match was a great match. Ric Flair started out against Billy Gunn. Billy Gunn quickly took the match to his pace, he worked Ric Flair around for a while, getting him tired by strikes and ground attacks befor tagging in Road Dogg.

The two then continued to stay fresh, weakening Flair with a couple moves and then tagging out. Billy Gunn felt it was time to end the match and went for a Fameassour. Flair countered this, giving him the opportunity to tag in a fresh Daniel Bryan.

Daniel Bryanb changed the pace doing attacks from the corner. He then started working Billy Gunn’s legs. It was moments before Bryan dominated the match and caught Gunn up the Yes Kick combo. It looked as if Bryan would go for the Flying Knee directly after, but Road Dogg quickly broke this up.

After order got restored, Bryan made a tag to Flair. After working Gunn’s legs a bit more, Flair locked him in the Figure Four Leglock in hopes to end the match. This once again was interrupted by Road Dogg.

After order got restored once more, a double clothesline was enough the get Billy Gunn a tag out. Road Dogg grabbed Flair, but Flair quickly countered, tagging Daniel Bryan in. It was at this point that Bryan came in, turning the pace up once more. A Yes Kick combo followed by a Yes Lock was enough to make Road Dogg tap-out, giving Flair and himself the victory over the tag champs in the main event



After the match, HHH, HBK, and X Pac, storm the ring and begin to issue a beat down on both Daniel Bryan and Ric Flair. The show ends with HHH executing a Pedigree on Ric Flair, while the New Age Outlaws lift Daniel Bryan to his feet allowing HBK to hit him with a Sweet Chin Music.[/b]

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The segment opens up with the WWE’s COO’s music playing as HHH walks out in a business suit with Stephanie, without D Generation X at his side. With a smirk on their face, they embrace the negative reaction from the crowd. Once they make it to the ring, HHH wastes no time…

HHH : So, it seems like last week, Ric Flair found someone to watch his back. Daniel Bryan, I don’t know why you thought it would be a great idea to return and why you thought it would be an even better idea to help The Nature Boy. Quite frankly, I don’t care, because when it’s all said and done… you did what you did, and now you have to pay for your actions. If you think this brought you or Ric Flair closer to a title shot at King Of The Ring, you’re wrong. In fact, I came out here to clarify what’s going to happen at King Of The Ring.

HHH : See, at King Of The Ring… there will be no WWE Championship on the line…

The crowd draws out a bunch of boo’s…

HHH : Don’t worry, you and Ric will be in the main event. The main event at King Of The Ring is going to be a tag team match. It’s gonna’ be you and Flair on one side of the ring and two people that I choose on the other side of that ring. You know, I haven’t quite decided who it’s going to be, but I’ll have that answer by the end of the night. As far as you paying for your actions, tonight I’m going to put you to the test. It’s gonna’ be Daniel Bryan vs. HHH in a one on one non-title match. By one on one, I mean I’m doing this alone. I’m coming out here to face you man to man. I don’t need DX tonight. You put your nose in our business, and now I’m gonna’ break it. Let’s see what you got!

HHH drops the microphone as he and Stephanie exit the ring…

King Of The Ring Qualifying Match
Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Cesaro

This match started out with a quick back and forth struggle, but Cesaro quickly took advantage. The match would stay this way, seeing Bam Bam kick out of a High Impact European Uppercut. Just as it looked like Bam Bam would turn the tide of the match, as he went to the top rope to take a risk, on his way down, he was caught with another High Impact European Uppercut that got Cesaro the pinfall, also advancing him into the King Of The Ring.


Luke Harper w/Erick Rowan vs. Edge w/Christian

This match went back and forth for a while, Luke Harper would eventually pull off a victory over Edge with a second Discus Clothesline, probably giving him one of the biggest wins of his career.


-----DDP SEGMENT-----

DDP’s music hits as he walks out to a massive ammount of cheers with the United States Championship around his waist. He walks down the entrance slapping five with the fans. Before entering the ring to speak his mind about Goldberg.

DDP : So, it seems there’s a conflict, guys! We didn’t get to see a Diamond Dallas Page versus Goldberg match. That was my fault, I just couldn’t hold my temper in. For that, I’m going to make it up to everyone of the WWE Universe. I tell you what, Goldberg… You want this United States Championship belt so bad? Why don’t you come out here and try and take it from me!

DDP waits for a moment…

DDP : Cmon’, you can Spear me when I didn’t expect it at Bad Blood. Now that you got an angry champion in your way, I see you wanna’ duck the proposal. The fans didn’t get to see what they want and I’m sure they want DDP vs. Goldberg. Come get you some!!

After a moment, Goldberg’s music plays as the arena silences down. Goldberg steps out onto the ramp through the pyro and begins walking toward the ring. Half way down the ramp he stops. Using the microphone in his hand he addresses Diamond Dallas Page.

GOLDBERG : You really want to do that? You want me to take the United States Championship from you? I’m not going to do it for the WWE UNIVERSE when they want it. I’m going to do it on my own accord. I choose when they get to see me fight. I’m not feeding into what “they” or “you” want. Nice try. Trust me, I will end your reign, but I’ll do it when I’m ready…

The fans boo as Goldberg smirks before giving a bit of a laugh as his music hits once more, leaving Page in frustration in the ring.

The Uso's vs. The Disciples Of Darkness

This match was completely dominated by The Uso’s. In the end, a double superkick followed by an Uso Splash from Jimmy Uso would seal the deal.


X Pac vs. Ken Shamrock

This match was one of the underrated matches of the night. Ken Shamrock gained the momentum early. It looked as if his losing streak would come to an end, but X Pac battled back and hit a bronco buster in the corner, followed by an X Factor to pick up the win.


Ryback vs. Kane

A match filled with power moves saw Ryback take everything he could from Kane. Kane delivered a chokeslam, and still couldn’t keep Ryback down. A Tombstone, still was not enough to hold Ryback as he would not be denied. A second chokeslam looked as if Kane would win, but once again, Ryback would not be denied. Ryback would end the match with a victory after a second Meathook Clothesline.


Ultimate Warrior & Deisel vs. n.W.o

After a long hard fought match, Deisel and Ultimate Warrior would get some payback for the past week by Deisel delivering a Haymaker to Scott Steiner, followed by a Jackknife powerbomb to help his team get the win.



After the match, a man in a hood would hop the barricade and take out both Deisel and The Ultimate Warror with a stun-gun. Warrior fought the pain, but after a couple seconds, the stun gun had finally put him down. The NWO then began assaulting both men. The hooded man would drop his hood to reveal a new member of the NWO faction… Buff Bagwell.

As all three men mocked Deisel and Ultimate Warrior, a familiar song would hit the speakers… Razor Ramon. Razor Ramon would run to the ring with a tire iron to even the odds, causing the NWO to scatter and regroup.

In the end of it all, Ramon would pick up the microphone…

RAZOR : Ay yo, the NWO wants to come out here and they wanna’ take over? They wanna’ throw their weight around? I don’t think so, chico!

Getting a huge reaction from the audience, Razor Ramon continues…

RAZOR : The way it looks is, we got three people right here. You got three people right there. I think at King Of The Ring, we need to see who the better team is? That is, unless you’re just gonna’ tuck your tale and hide?

The NWO continues to walk up the ramp in retreat, looking back as Razor Ramon drops the microphone and begins helping Deisel and Warrior to their feet.

Daniel Bryan vs. HHH

This match started off with Daniel Bryan using his skills to his advantage, trying to work HHH off of his feet to make him less of a threat. After a while, the WWE Champion would then turn the match in his favor and unleash an onslaught of blows on Bryan in the corner. Daniel Bryan tried to fight back, kicking out of one Pedigree. HHH would get mad and pick Bryan up delivering a second Pedigree directly after the kick-out to seal the deal and end the match.



After the match, HHH goes under the ring and pulls out the sledgehammer, as he makes his way back into the ring, he begins to stalk around Bryan as Bryan begins to make his way to his feet.

Flair runs out from the backstage and slides into the ring to make a save, knocking HHH down. As he does this, HBK rolls out from under the ring and enters through the bottom rope. When Flair turns around HBK lifts the sledgehammer from the mat and drives it into Flair’s forehead busting him open.

Daniel Bryan gets to his feet and is unexpectedly hit with a Sweet Chin Music, before helping HHH stand. HHH then leans over a bloody Ric Flair before pointing at himself and then Shawn Micheals, signifying the tag team main event at King Of The Ring.

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(MAY - WEEK 3)

“Let Us Raise The Stakes”
----- Bryan/Flair Segment -----

After the RAW opening, Ric Flair’s music plays as the crowd erupts. Flair and Bryan both make their way down to the ring. Once they enter the ring and the music dies down, Ric Flair begins to talk…

FLAIR : So, HHH has announced that there will be no WWE Championship match at King Of The Ring? I don’t blame him, I wouldn’t want to put the title on the line against The Nature Boy or Daniel Bryan anyway. Instead, we have HHH and Shawn Michaels vs. Flair and Bryan for the main event. We already know it’s a great main event, but I think Daniel had something in mind?

Flair directly hands the microphone over to Daniel Bryan. The YES chants begin. Once they die down, with a smirk from ear to ear, Bryan begins.

BRYAN : Well, since it seems like HHH is scared to put the title on the line against Ric Flair, maybe he won’t be so intimidated to put the title on the line against me? What I’m getting at, is that main event you made for King Of The Ring… it’s a good one. My theory, how about we raise the stakes a little bit higher? How about if we win, at Money In The Bank, you give me a shot at that WWE Championship?

The arena roars. Bryan waits for a moment, but as he goes to talk he is cut off by the music of D-Generation X. HHH, Stephanie and HBK all walk out onto the entrance ramp to an onslaught of boos. After everything quiets down, the COO begin’s to speak.

HHH : You know, you two just don’t get it, do you? What makes either of you worthy to challenge for this? Why do either of you deserve this? Sure, you two had accomplishments, but right now, neither of you are in a bracket for negotiation. Ric, you lost your shot at winning the WWE Championship at Bad Blood. Daniel, don’t get me started with you. You just came back into the business and lost a non title match against me. You wanna’ raise the stakes, at least have chips worth bargaining with!

Bryan and Flair are in the ring in disbelief. HHH and Stephanie begin talking amongst each other. HHH finally begins to talk again.

HHH : I tell you what, though. I’m fair and I always do what’s best for business. You want to raise the stakes, then we can do that. The only thing is, the two of you really only have one last leg to stand on. So, how about I give you a counter offer…

HHH pauses building the suspense.

HHH : Your proposal, if the two of you can beat me and Shawn at King Of The Ring, you get a shot at the WWE Championship? It sounds promising, but there is no satisfaction I would get in beating you again, Daniel. There is no satisfaction, unless I take the only thing that is left to be taken… With that said, if you win at King Of The Ring, I will give you your title match, but if we win at King Of The Ring, Ric Flair is gone for good!

The fans boo…

HHH : Yes, Flair’s career, his legacy… is finished!

HHH : Also, you’re gonna need a lot of momentum going into King Of The Ring, so tonights main event is going to be you versus, X Pac and The New Age Outlaws in a handicapped match. So, what do you say? Are you down with that?!

Flair and Bryan discuss for a moment before Daniel Bryan responds back…

BRYAN : Well, we talked about it… you’re on!

Bryan’s music plays as the YES chants erupt louder then ever…

Hakushi vs. Umaga vs. Yokozuna

All three men battled hard in the opening bout. In the end, Umaga would eventually pick up the victory with a pinfall on Hakushi.


Jey Uso vs. Titus O Neil

The match went back and forth for a while, Jey Uso would get a rope break after a Clash Of The Titus, saving the match. Later, Jey would attempt a Samoan Kick that would be countered, helping Titus deliver a second Clash Of The Titus to pick up the victory.


”Leading You Into Slaughter”
----- BRAY WYATT PROMO -----

Bray Wyatt pops up on the big screen, pacing around with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan standing behind him in the darkness

WYATT : It seems Hell In A Cell wasn’t enough? It seems that the sadistic puppet of WWE that is Cactus Jack still hasn’t learned his place in this life? It seems that once more he wants to be lead into slaughter? Too many times he has taken the hit for this company, failing to realise the truth!

Bray Wyatt looks at his hand as he turns it, with a sadistic smirk on his face before balling his hand into a fist and continuing.

WYATT : What has this company ever done for you!

Wyatt points at the camera…

WYATT : They use you as a sacrifice, a lamb for slaughter! They serve you up to the Eater Of Worlds to protect their best. No, you are not the best Cactus Jack… you are simply that of a peace offering as they say “Bray, don’t tarnish our titans!”

Bray begins to laugh…

WYATT : So, as if at Bad Blood, I couldn’t make you realise what you truly are, a mere puppet, where do we go from here, man? Tell me, what will it take??

Brays eyes grow cold and narrow…

WYATT : At King Of The Ring, there truly is only one answer. I am your savior! Oh, Mick Foley, you are staring at evil when you look at Bray Wyatt, and I am going to be the one to set you free. All your weapons and hardcore antics can’t save you from the Wyatt Family. As if Hell In A Cell wasn’t enough, you shall know your place as the true sacrifice. It’s such a shame, man…

Bray looks down at the ground before looking back up and speaking his last words…

WYATT : My advice to you… RUN!

The screen blacks out...

Inter promotional King Of The Ring Tag Team Match
Big Show & Cesaro vs. Vader & CM Punk

Big Show and Cesaro seemed to work good as a unit in this match as Vader and Punk seemed to have some problems. In the end, the two couldn’t get on the same page and after a High Impact European Uppercut, Cesaro would pick up the victory for him and Big Show by pinning CM Punk.


After the match, Vader and CM Punk would argue as Big Show and Cesaro made their way backstage. It eventually led to a groin kick by Punk that followed up with a GTS on Vader, leaving the big man laying in the ring.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Saturn

The best match of the night by far. Dolph kicked out of a Tiger Bomb, Saturn kicked out of two Heart-Stoppers, in the end Dolph would fight out of The Rings Of Saturn and hit a Zig Zag to finish the match.


After the match, Dolph Ziggler grabbed a microphone to address Chris Jericho. Basically he announced he was tired of the games Jericho was playing and by next week, he wanted a definate answer on his rematch for the Intercontinental Championship.

Naomi vs. Paige

The match started with a lot of counters and roll up pins. In the end, Paige would avoid a Booty Popping Moonsault and lock Naomi in the PTO to pick up a submission victory.


No. Contender Tag Tournament Finals
Edge & Christian vs. The Wyatt Family

This match went of for a while with both teams determined to win the number one contender spot. In the end. Edge would hit a spear on Rowan that was broken up. Later in the match after a tag to Christian, Christian would hit a falling reverse DDT. Harper would jump in to break the pinfall up again. This lead to Edge and Harper spilling out a brawl ringside, which would give Christian time to drop a Killswitch on Rowan and pick up the victory.


Daniel Bryan vs. X Pac & The New Age Outlaws

This match was a nail biter for Daniel Bryan fans. He had hit at least six YES kick combos, but the strength in numbers was wearing him out after many near fall break ups. Bryan would kick out of Shake Rattle And Knee Drop from Road Dogg and eventually turn his attempts to win into a glorified submission-fest. This still seemed to be difficult due to many break ups. Eventually the YES Lock on X-Pac would help Bryan gain victory by submission.


After the match, HBK would run out and join DX as they started a beat down on Bryan. Ric Flair would run out to help, but the strength in numbers was still too much. That was until Edge and Christian ran down to even the odds. All four men cleared the ring of DX quickly. Ending the night it was apparent as they all raised their hands signaling four fingers that Ric Flair had formed a new age of The Four Horsemen to even the odds.

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“Tonight, Chico”


The NWO music plays as Hollywood Hogan, Scott Steiner, and Buff Bagwell make their way down to the ring. The fans go into a negative frenzy. Once they enter the ring, their music dies down as Hollywood Hogan begins to speak.

HOGAN : Well, Smackdown.. It seems that tonight you get to see Hulkamania give Razor Ramon the beatdown of his life in the main event. As if Diesel and Warrior didn’t quite learn that The NWO is the most dominant force in the WWE yet, now we got another knucklehead to whip into shape. Let me set things straight right now…

Hogan waits for the negative reaction from the fans to die down.

HOGAN : If these three think that they can stick it to the New World Order at King Of The Ring, they got another thing coming. There is no way that them three can stop Hollywood Hogan, Big Poppa Pump and Buff The Stuff, Bagwell! We’re just too sweet, if ya’ know what I mean. So, tonight my advice for Razor is to---

Razor Ramon’s music plays as he steps out on stage, getting a huge pop from the crowd. He’s followed out by Diesel and The Ultimate Warrior

RAMON : Ayyy yo- Hogan, I hear you talkin’, but I don’t really see a lotta action. You say you’re going to do this and that to me and how we…

Razor Ramon directs his hand around, pointing out him, Diesel and Warrior…

RAMON : How we don’t have what it takes to beat the three of you? You gotta’ be kidding me, Chico! I mean, you do know tonight you go one on one with the bad buy, right? Now as I would say we can do this right here, right now, we all know what happened last time I said that. The New World Order tucked their tales and ran backstage. So you can talk all you want, but tonight we’re gonna’ see who’s the better man!

Razor Ramon drops his microphone as his music plays and he, Diesel, and Warrior head backstage, leaving the NWO baffled in the ring.

Mark Henry vs. Darren Young

Mark Henry’s power would be no match for Darren Young, as he put Young away quick with  the World’s Strongest Slam.


Cactus Jack vs. Luke Harper w/Bray Wyatt

This match was just as you would think. There was a lot of destractions from Bray Wyatt. Cactus still ended up being the aggressor most of the match. It would take a double arm ddt and a stump pulling piledriver to keep Harper down for the three count.


After the match, the lights went out. When they came back on, All three Wyatt Family members were in the ring attacking Cactus Jack. Cactus ended up fighting back even with the odds against him. He would throw Harper over the ropes and connect a Double Arm DDT on Erick Rowan. Cactus and Wyatt then started brawling in the fight, it would eventually spill out onto the floor until it was broken up my security and officials.

X Pac w/Billy Gunn vs. Edge w/Christian

Edge started off getting the better of X Pac. When Edge went for a Edgecution, X Pac caught a counter and took over the match for a brief moment. Edge would fight back into the match and eventually catch X Pac with a Downward Spiral for the win.


King Of The Ring Semi Finals
CM Punk vs. Cesaro

This was by far the best match of the night. Completely back and forth the whole way. Cesaro looked like he would have the victory after a Neutralizer, but Punk would kick out at the last second. The two would battle, but as Cesaro went for the Swiss Death, Punk would counter it, locking The Swiss Superman in the Anaconda Vice. In the end, Cesaro had no choice but to tap out.


After the match, Vader would step out onto the stage. Both CM Punk and Vader would taunt each other as the finalists of King Of The Ring.

Faarooq vs. Diamond Dallas Page

Goldberg came down to ringside to spectate. During the match he would distract Page enough for Faarooq gain advantage and hit the Dominator for the victory.


Kane vs. Chris Jericho

Kane took over the match from the beginning, using a lot of power moves. Eventually the battle would go back and forth, with Jericho attempting to lock in the Walls Of Jericho. With a counter Kane would hit a huge side slam followed by a Tombstone for the win.


After the match, Jericho would flip out, throwing a fit in the ring, grabbing the referee by his shirt and tossing him to the ring mat.

Razor Ramon vs. Hollywood Hogan

Razor Ramon took it to Hollywood Hogan in the beginning, but after Hogan worked Ramon’s leg for a while, Hogan eventually took the match in his favor, dropping Ramon with a Body Slam, followed by a Hollywood Leg Drop for the pin.


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