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CM Punk vs. Vader

The opening bout was crazy. CM Punk took the offensive end first, spilling the fight out to floor where he did a vaulting body press over the top ropes onto Vader at ringside. Once the fight made it back into the ring, Vader started to gain momentum. In the end it was a back and forth battle as Vader hit a Vader Bomb which Punk would kick out of. Vader went to the top rope for a Vadersault, but Punk would catch Vader on the jump down, landing a GTS to pick up the win and become the King Of The Ring.


Goldberg vs. Diamond Dallas Page

TALE OF THE TAPE : DDP retained his US Title at Bad Blood last month, but was blindsided by a Spear from a returning Goldberg as he turned around. The next night, DDP let his anger get the best of him as his match to gain revenge was a no contest due to a pre-emptive attack. Over weeks, Page has still been looking to settle the score, Goldberg however has made Page wait until tonight for his opportunity. With the US Championship on the line, who will come out on top?

-----THE MATCH-----
The battle spilled out to ringside quick, where both men almost got counted out. Once back in the ring, it seemed like Page just couldn’t get any offense going. Eventually, Goldberg would hit a Spear, followed by a Jackhammer to pin up the win and become the new United States Champion.


Bray Wyatt vs. Cactus Jack

TALE OF THE TAPE : Last month Cactus Jack and Wyatt fought inside a Hell In A Cell. After a brutal match that saw Cactus Jack pick up the victory after Stump Pulling Piledriving Wyatt through the cell roof, The Wyatt Family dismantled Cactus in the ring, allowing Bray to Sister Abigail Cactus Jack. Jack is out for revenge as Bray has told Cactus that he is a corporate puppet, who puts his body through torture for the higher powers to fatten their pockets off of his ratings. Tonight Cactus Jack seeks revenge, Bray Wyatt seeks to teach Cactus Jack a lesson. Who will prevail?

-----THE MATCH-----
This match got brutal quick. Wyatt put Cactus Jack through two separate tables right from the gate. Cactus Jack would not stay down and would begin to fight back after a blocked Sister Abigail. Cactus Jack started attacking Wyatt with chair shots, busting him open, but eventually Wyatt would hit a Sister Abigail. This still wasn’t enough to keep Jack down. Cactus Jack would then fight back after superplexing Wyatt through a flaming table and then he would drop Wyatt with a Stump Pullin Piledriver for the victory.


After the match, it looked like Cactus Jack would receive another beatdown as the Wyatt Family stormed the ring. Just as they began their assault, the lights would go out in the arena as the big screen would play a snippet…

After the lights would come back on, both Harper and Rowan had been tossed outside the ring and none other the Sting would have Wyatt held in position, dropping him to the mat with a Scorpion Death Drop.

Edge & Christian vs. The New Age Outlaws (c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : Edge & Christian won their right to fight The New Age Outlaws for the Tag Team Championship by winning the mini-tag tournament hosted through the month. To add more fuel to the fire, they recently joined Ric Flair and Daniel Bryan to form a new version of The Four Horsemen as all of D Generation X had been using their strength in numbers to an advantage on Bryan and Flair. Recently, New Age Outlaws had gained momentum going into this fight by Billy Gunn and Road Dogg both picking up singles wins against Edge and Christian. Tonight, the titles are on the line. Can The New Age Outlaws keep the momentum in their favor or will Edge And Christian bring gold to the Four Horsemen?

-----THE MATCH-----
A very heated tag match that went back and forth. It eventually was ended with The New Age Outlaws retaining the Tag Team Championship by a Pump Handle Slam from the Road Dogg on Edge.


Dolph Ziggler vs. Chris Jericho (c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : Dolph Ziggler has wanted a rematch against Chris Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship since Bad Blood. Jericho has avoided it, while Dolph has continued to win his matches all month and climb the ranks. On a few occasions, Jericho has resorted to underhanded tactics to take Dolph off of his game, before finally accepting his challenge. Dolph comes into this match with a minor back injury due to Jericho locking him in the Walls Of Jericho and not releasing the hold until he felt Ziggler learned a lesson. Will this injury affect Ziggler, or will Ziggler rise to the occasion and dethrone Jericho of the Intercontinental Championship?  

-----THE MATCH-----
This was by far the best match of the night. In was back and forth, Jericho would hit a Lionsault and then a Codebreaker before attempting to grab the belt, but he would still be denied by Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler would hit a Heartstopper followed by a Zig Zag before he would attempt to grab the belt, but Jericho would stop the attempt. In the end, Ziggler would hit a backstabber from the Tree Of Woe position and then toss Jericho from the ring and attempt another exhausted climb. Jericho would climb to the top turnbuckle from ringside as Ziggler would grab the Intercontinental Championship. Jericho dropkicked the ladder and Dolph, but Dolph would hold onto the Intercontinental Championship and unhook it, falling to the ring mat with the belt in his possession.


Ultimate Warrior, Diesel, Razor Ramon vs. The n.W.o

TALE OF THE TAPE : At Bad Blood, the world thought that an NWO reunion was on the horizon. That was laid to rest when Diesel Jack-knifed Hogan after Hogan’s match with Ultimate Warrior. Diesel made it clear that he wouldn’t be the WWE bully alongside Hogan and that Hogan needed to show people like Warrior respect. Over the past month, Hogan has seeked out help from Scott Steiner and Buff Bagwell reforming the NWO. Warrior and Diesel were one man down until Razor Ramon showed up two weeks ago to even the odds. Since then both teams have wanted to destroy each other. Tonight they get the chance. Will the NWO prove once again that when united they are a dominant force, or can Diesel, Ramon, and Warrior put all their claims to rest?

-----THE MATCH-----
This match was a long match with a lot of heated anticipation to it. Most of the match was dominated by Ultimate Warrior, Diesel and Razor Ramon, but it was Scott Steiner, turning the momentum in the New World Order’s favor. In the end, the NWO didn’t look back as Hollywood Hogan would hit a Hollywood Leg Drop on Razor Ramon to pick up the victory for his team.


After the match all six men would continue brawling. An angry fan in a Kane mask would jump the barricade with a guitar in hand, smashing it over The Ultimate Warrior’s head, helping nWo capitalize on a beatdown. When the man took the mask off, it was none other then Jeff Jarrett, the new member of the NWO.

Ric Flair & Daniel Bryan vs. HHH & HBK

TALE OF THE TAPE : HHH retained his WWE Championship at Bad Blood against Ric Flair in Hell In A Cell. The next night on RAW, Bryan came back and said if nobody would have Flair’s back he would. This made the COO mad, as began to put Bryan and Flair in matches that would make it impossible for victory. As the Game set out to destroy them, Flair and Bryan did their best to fight back. HHH would not give either a title shot at King Of The Ring and booked this tag team main event. Two weeks ago, Bryan won a handicapped match against DX, adding the stipulation to this tag team main event that if Flair and Bryan win, Bryan will get a WWE Championship match at Money In The Bank. Can Flair and Bryan defeat HHH and Shawn Michaels?

-----THE MATCH-----
HBK and Flair started the match off. Throughout the match, HBK would dominate Flair until Bryan
caught a quick tag. Bryan would shift the momentum to a different pace. Bryan did a lot of limb targeting, keeping HBK away from making the tag before tagging Flair back in. Flair would lock in a Figure Four Leglock, but HHH would make the save. Bryan and HHH would begin tussling outside the ring. When order was restored, Flair would catch a tag back to Daniel Bryan, giving HBK time to tag HHH in. HHH hit a Pedigree late in the match, but Flair would break up the count. Eventually in the end, Bryan would hit a YES kick combo, followed by a YES lock, causing HHH to tap out.


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