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Basics (Shows, Championships, Roster) Empty Basics (Shows, Championships, Roster)

Post by OrangesofDeath on Thu Mar 03, 2016 11:55 pm

Raw and Smackdown. Might add NXT later, possibly with forum member's CAWs. I'm on Xbox One.

WWE Championship '13-'14
Intercontinental Championship
United States Championship
Tag Team Championship

There are around 53 superstars that appear on both shows. They're superstars that are currently on Raw and Smackdown in real life. I'll be mixing in legends, but only ones that could realistically show up. None that are deceased.

Any of this could change later on. For example I could switch up the US title to the European Championship if someone from the League of Nations wins. Or I could bring back the brand split. I don't really know where any of the stories are heading too much in advance, so anything could happen.

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