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WWE MONEY IN THE BANK (JUNE) Latest?cb=20140605190549


CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho vs. Cesaro vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

The Money In The Bank ladder match was crazy. All six men squared up and a lot of the action took place ringside as brawls spilled out around the arena floor. In the early stages of the match, Cesaro would hit a Swiss Death on Jericho and climb the ladder, looking to retrieve the briefcase. This was broken up by CM Punk, pulling Cesaro from the ladder.

The next man to attempt the climb was Kane, Randy Orton would deny his climb, by pushing the ladder over, sending him crashing to the mat. As all six men continued their fight, it seemed rivals Batista and Orton would target each other more.

Batista would hit a spinebuster on Orton and climb the ladder, after the ladder being pushed over and Batista holding onto the briefcase, Kane would pull Batista from the case, slamming him to the mat with a powerbomb, before hitting a Chokeslam on The Animal.

The match would contine as there were a few more attempted climbs from Cesaro, Punk, and Jericho. In the end, Batista would be the one to retrieve the briefcase and become this years, Mr. Money In The Bank.


Ryback vs. Dolph Ziggler(c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : Recently winning the Intercontinental Championship at King Of The Ring, Ziggler and friend Ryback would have a non title match the next night on RAW in which Ziggler came out victorious. The next week the two would team up, ending with Ryback betraying Ziggler. His reasoning was simply wanting a IC title shot. Through the weeks, Ryback would constantly interupt and ambush Ziggler. This led to Ziggler growing angry. Which of these former friends turned enemies would leave with the Intercontinental Championship at Money In The Bank.

-----THE MATCH-----

The two would fight a heated battle having aggression toward each other from the weeks leading up to the title match. Seeing Ziggler gain the offense first off quickness and counters alone.

Ziggler went for a few quick pin-falls in which Ryback would kick out. Ryback began to gain his own momentum later in the match, hitting a couple power moves, slams, etc. The Big Guy gained enough momentum to go for a Meathook Clothesline, which would be dodged by Ziggler.

Ziggler hit a Fameassour, followed by a Heartstopper, leading into a pinfall attempt. This was easily kicked out of by Ryback.

After the match spilled ringside and Ryback did some environmental damage to Ziggler on the steps, the action would make it’s way back into the ring, allowing Ryback to hit a Meathook Clothesline, followed by a Shell Shock for the victory, claiming the Intercontinental Championship.


Edge and Christian vs. The New Age Outlaws(c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : After being denied an opportunity for a Tag Team Championship rematch, Edge & Christian would earn it by beating The New Day & the returning team of The Hardy Boys in the same night. Already bitter rivals, leading up to the match, The New Age Outlaws set out to injure Christian in an attempt to have the match scratched. Each time, the Tag Team Champions were unsuccessful. Could this be the end of The New Age Outlaws tag title reign?

-----THE MATCH-----

Taking the fight to the Tag Team Champions, Edge & Christian would begin gaining huge momentum. Edge hit a Spear on Billy Gunn early, but Road Dogg would make the save, keeping his partner in the match.

Christian would catch a tag in, quickening the pace even more, coming off a counter, Billy Gunn hit a piledriver, followed by a dirty pin to eliminate Christian from the match early, leaving Edge to fight a two on one.

Billy Gunn would tag Road Dogg in and for a good while, The New Age Outlaws would begin to pick away at Edge. A Spike Piledriver got delivered, but Billy Gunn would only gain a two count on Edge, keeping the match going.

Road Dogg eventually got tagged in again, and went for a Shake Rattle and Kneedrop in which Edge would avoid. Directly after Edge hit an Edgecution to eliminate Road Dogg from the match.

Both Billy Gunn and Edge did a staredown and then the fight began. After an Irish whip into the turnbuckle Billy Gunn would hit a Fameassour, followed by a pin. Edge would dig down deep and get a kick-out.

After a couple counters Edge began to fight back, but a missed Spear attempt would help Billy Gunn gain momentum again. Delivering a powerslam, followed by a Fameassour would seal the deal, allowing The New Age Outlaws to remain the top tag team in the tag division.


John Cena vs. Goldberg(c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : After beating Diamond Dallas Page for the United States Championship, Goldberg would retain the belt in a rematch against DDP the next night on RAW. Feeling confident, Goldberg would slander every wrestler on the roster, giving anyone backstage the opportunity to fight for the United States Championship. A returning John Cena would answer the call and they would fight the next week on RAW for the belt. Goldberg in frustration would find a way to get himself disqualified to retain the belt. Cena would then win a triple threat match for another opportunity at Money In The Bank. Will Cena be the man to have Goldberg’s number?

-----THE MATCH-----

The match went back and forth in the beginning with a lot of power moves being shown from both men. The first pinfall attempt came from Cena after a springboard stunner, but Goldberg would power out.

Goldberg began to get aggressive after this, choking Cena in the corner with his boot and then tossing him out of the ring, using the barricade to do some damage to Cena. Goldberg then brought it back to the ring and started working on John Cena’s arm.

Cena countered out of Goldbergs onslaught and went for a Five Knuckle Shuffle that Goldberg would counter, bringing the match in his favor once more. It wasn’t long until Goldberg unleashed a spear on Cena, going for a Jackhammer directly after.

Cena would block the move and then hit a desperation suplex to throw Goldberg’s momentum off. From here, Goldberg when continue doing damage to Cena’s arm before hitting a Military Press slam, in which he went for a pin.

Cena kick out at two, causing the match to continue. This causes Goldberg to grow frustrated. He argued with the referee at this point, probably taking him off his game, causing Cena to unleash a second wind. From here Cena hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle, followed by An Attitude Adjustment to win the match and the United States Championship.


After the match, Cena would extend his hand to Goldberg, expecting a show of respect. Goldberg would debate and slap Cena’s hand out of the way before exiting the ring.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

TALE OF THE TAPE : This match signifies the end to a bitter rivalry for months between DX and The Four Horsemen. HHH has put his faith in long time friend Shawn Michaels to disband the Four Horsemen from the WWE. In this street fight, the losers faction will have to disband their stable. With the stakes being so high and the added stipulation barring both factions from interference, which stable will continue their legacy?

-----THE MATCH-----

This match broke out before HBK could get into the ring. Flair threw HBK into the post a couple times and then into the steel steps before going under the apron and grabbing a steel chair. HBK would counter an attempted shot and then begin to use the environment to his advantage.

Rolling Flair back into the ring, HBK brought the chair into the ring with him. HBK used the chair to toss Flair into by wedging it into the rurnbuckle before attempting to work on Flair’s leg. Flair countered a belly to back suplex into a neckbreaker and then took the advantage once more.

Flair would hit HBK with a couple chair shots and then  a knee drop before locking in a Figure Four. HBK would crawl for a rope break giving him the cushion he needed to make a comeback. HBK would unleash a couple moves before ascending the ropes and dropping an elbow drop on Flair. Only able to get a two count, the match continued.

HBK went for a Sweet Chin music but had it dodged at the last moment. Flair took advantage and seriously began working on HBK’s limbs. After spilling outside the ring, HBK regained momentum once more and hit a top rope moonsault on Flair outside the ring before going for a pin.

Flair kicked out at the last possible moment and the fight continued. The match ended in the ring after a few chairshots from HBK followed up with a Sweet Chin Music for the pin.


Daniel Bryan vs. HHH (c.)

TALE OF THE TAPE : After winning a tag team match with Ric Flair at King Of The Ring, Bryan won a shot at the WWE Championship against the WWE COO, HHH. For weeks HHH has set out to dismantle Bryan. Bryan had met a Pedigree through an announce table earlier in the month, giving him a minor concussion. Against doctor's orders, Bryan is still competing, while HHH has made it clear he’s out to end Daniel Bryan’s career. Can Bryan fight through his concussion and win the WWE Championship?

-----THE MATCH-----

HHH started off taking the lead with a onslaught of hard strikes, knocking Bryan back into the corner. HHH then began targeting Bryan’s arm. Bryan would catch a counter along the way and take over the match.

Bryan used a lot of working holds before targeting the limbs of HHH in an attempt to soften him up. After a few moves, Bryan went for a pin, but HHH would kick out on a one count. HHH would catch a dodge off a strike from Bryan. This sent the match into a back and forth battle for a while.

HHH started to take the upper hand eventually and hit a knee lift followed by a Pedigree before hooking Bryan’s leg for a pin. This would not keep Bryan down as he kicked out at two.

HHH looked to lock a submission on Bryan, but Bryan would counter. Bryan would give HHH a Yes Kick combo followed by a Running Knee. Bryan went for a pin but HHH would answer getting a shoulder up after the two count.

From here the match went back and forth, Bryan began getting an edge and began to dominate, locking HHH in a YES Lock. HHH fought through the submission, leaving both men exhausted.

As the match went on HHH countered back, unleashing a flurry from the corner, followed by another running knee lift. HHH sealed the deal with the second Pedigree ending the match and retaining the title via pinfall.


HHH would end the night standing over Bryan holding the WWE Championship, taunting.

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