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WCW Nitro (Sept. Week 1) Latest?cb=20150820225052


"Brand New WCW, Same Old Problems"
-----OPENING ACT-----

Shane Mcmahon would come out and greet everyone in attendance hyping them up for the WCW following his win at Summer Slam for the rights to reboot the company. He started talking about the former history of WCW and how this was an epic night.

Shane's speech would be short lived as The New World Order would interrupt him. Hollywood Hogan would take the microphone and begin talking about the history of NWO's invasion of WCW decades ago. Hogan began making threats about how history would repeat itself once more and that this would be nothing more then NWO reborn, not WCW.

An angry Shane would then book his first match as owner for the newly revised WCW on their first PPV, two weeks away War Games.

It would be Hogan's choice member of the NWO versus Shane Mcmahon's mystery enforcer...

-Fall Brawl match announced-
N.W.O Representative VS. Shane Mcmahon's mystery enforcer

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Steiner

In the opening bout of the first Nitro since 2001, It went back and forth in the beginning with Bam Bam throwing a lot of power strikes while Steiner worked Bam Bam around with some power moves and power grapples. Steiner started taking the advantage unleashing more power moves. Steiner hit a reverse Russian leg sweep and went for a pin fall that would only keep Bam Bam Bigelow down for a two-count. A couple counters later, Bam Bam delivered a Greetings From Asbury Park followed up by a pin. Steiner would grab the ropes, but the official would not notice it as he counted the fall, awarding the match to Bam Bam Bigelow.


After the match Steiner would argue with the ref as Bam Bam left. An angry Steiner pushed the referee down and locked him in a Steiner Recliner, requiring extra officials and security to break the submission.

The Dungeon Of Doom vs. The Faces Of Fear

The match started with Abdullah and Barbarian, The Butcher would begin to dominate the match with strikes, that would eventually spill out ringside. Outside the ring, The Barbarian would take over with his power, slamming Abdullah outside the ring, before climbing back in and making a tag to Meng. Abdullah would gain the advantage again as it spilled back out to the floor by dealing some environmental damage on Meng tossing him into the barricade and then the ring post.

The match would carry on back into the ring as The Butcher made a tag into Kamala, using a tag team move. Kamala began working Meng in the corner against the ring post. Meng would get a desperate counter and make the tag to his partner.

The Barbarian came in, catching a gut buster from Kamala, followed by a huge splash. Kamala followed this up with a pin-fall attempt, only to see Barbarian make a kick-out. After a counter, Barbarian took over, eventually connecting a big boot, followed by a pin. Kamala would not stay down, kicking out at the two count. Barbarian took a moment after this to weaken Kamala with power strikes, before attempting a Powerslam in which Kamala would reverse before tagging The Butcher back into action. A counter from Barbarian would also bring Meng back in allowing him to hit a Samoan Kick on Abdullah and go for a pin. Abdullah kicked out at the last moment.

The fight then broke loose between all four men as Kamala was coming in for the save during the pin attempt. Meng attempted the Tongan Death Grip as order got restored, only to have it countered by the Butcher. After a few power moves, Abdullah would hit Meng with  a Jigokutuki, leaving both men laying in the ring exhausted.

Abdullah would respond first, crawling over to make the tag. The pin fall attempt would get broken up by Barbarian, causing the match to continue. From here, Abdullah worked Meng into the corner and began ripping at Meng's forehead, causing it to draw blood, before tagging Kamala back into the match.

Kamala lost momentum quick after the tag in, allowing Meng to tag out. The Barbarian would come in and begin unleashing a good amount of offense, countering a powerslam with a Russian Legsweep. After that, Barbarian would hit a quick tag out, bringing Meng back in.

Meng went for a Samoan Kick but Kamala would counter the move, dropping Meng with a back body drop, followed by a Big Splash and a pin. The official counted the three, awarding the match to Abdullah and Kamala.


"I'm The New Animal Of World Championship Wrestling"
-----ACT II-----

Batista would come out to the ring with the WWE Championship in which he won cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase at Summer Slam on HHH on one shoulder and the WCW Championship on the other.

He began bragging about how he screwed the WWE over by taking their most prized belt and defecting to WCW, giving him the rightful label as the WCW Champion.  Taunting the crowd and downplaying WCW legends, he brought in a lot of tension. In the end, Batista spoke on how he had something in store for the company and that he was going to seek out to destroy a legacy tonight.

Tyson Kidd vs. Saturn

Saturn took the dominant role first with tie up grapples and strikes and elbows into the corner. It wasn't for long though, as Tyson's quickness helped him take Saturn down to begin working his limbs.

Tyson stayed in control for a while, hitting a few suplex variations on Saturn. After a double under-hook suplex, Kidd went for a pin attempt, which Saturn kicked out of after a one count. It wasn't long after this, Saturn began mounting up offense. It was now Saturn's turn as he hit a couple suplexes and delivered a few kicks to Tyson Kidd's back.

From the corner, Kidd would make a counter and drop Saturn against the middle turnbuckle with an STO before ascending to the top of the turnbuckle, executing a moonsault. Following the high risk move, Tyson Kidd tried to lock Saturn in a Sharpshooter, which was denied.

Saturn began to fight back, delivering a few blows, followed by a super kick. Saturn went for The Rings Of Saturn on a downed Tyson Kidd which was blocked. Tyson followed this up with a middle rope rolling senton as the action spilled ringside.

The two brawled outside for a moment before making their way back into the ring. Saturn hit a running knee in the corner, followed by an elbow drop from the middle rope on Tyson, gaining momentum once more.

Saturn then hit Tyson Kidd with a lifting powerbomb before making a pinball, which would only keep Kidd down for a two count. Eventually Saturn would hit a second super-kick coming out of the corner, locking in The Rings Of Saturn directly after, causing Tyson Kidd to submit.


Jack Swagger vs. Sid Vicious

There was a quick moment in the beginning where this match was back and forth, but Sid started to dominate with his power, unleashing some power moves. Jack Swagger tried to get offense in everywhere he could.

It wasn't long before Sid would hit a Big Boot and then go for a Powerbomb. Swagger would fight off the move and get some momentum going, hitting a Swagger Bomb. This would only keep Sid down for a two count as he eventually fought back, hitting a second Big Boot before attempting another Powerbomb.

This time Sid would drop Jack Swagger on his back with the Powerbomb following it up with a pin to get the three count.


Sheamus vs. Booker T

The match started out back and forth for quite a while, with a lot of limb targeting, reversals and strikes. Eventually Sheamus would get the upper-hand with his power. This would lead to Sheamus hitting The White Noise, in which Booker T would kick out at a two-count.

Angry, Sheamus followed it up with a Brogue Kick followed by another pin attempt. This still was not enough to keep Booker T down. A frustrated Sheamus threw Booker from the ring, causing both men to brawl ringside, using the environment to their advantage.

Once the fight made it's way back into the ring, Booker T would hit a 100th Street Slam and go for a pin. Sheamus would not take a loss, kicking out of a near fall. Directly after, Booker T would hit the Axe Kick, but Sheamus would again kick out of a near fall.

The tide turned once more, allowing Sheamus to catch some offense, hitting an Irish Curse, followed by a second Brogue Kick after a rebound off the ropes. Sheamus would pin Booker following the finisher to pick up the victory.


After the match, Sheamus frustrated that Booker T would not stay down early in the match, looked to send a message as he continued to assault him after the bell. Doing a couple taunts to a negative reaction, Sheamus would leave Booker T laying in the ring with a High Cross.

Goldberg vs. Ric Flair

Goldberg dominated the beginning of this match, not giving Flair much breathing room. In typical Goldberg fashion, he would quickly resort to hitting a Spear, followed by a Jackhammer. Ric Flair would somehow get a shoulder up, causing the match to continue.

After a couple counters, Ric Flair finally began getting some offense and instantly began working on Goldberg's legs, softening him up for the Figure Four. Goldberg started to shift the tide once more, but it wasn't long before another counter allowed Flair to lock him in the Figure Four that he had been working on.

Goldberg would break the submission, but it didn't stop Flair from continuing to work the legs. It was during a counter that Goldberg would shift the momentum in his favor once more, going for another Jackhammer.

The Jackhammer was countered by Flair, causing Flair to take over once more. This was until Goldberg got his second wind, after a Military Press Slam, Goldberg would waste no time lifting Flair up and dropping him with his second delivered Jackhammer, picking up the pinfall.


After the match, Flair would show his pride for WCW by extending a handshake to Goldberg. Goldberg would completely ignore Flair's gesture, leaving the ring with disrespect.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sting

The match went back and forth in the beginning. Warrior would use power moves to his advantage as Sting played of speed and technical skill.  It spilled outside early on, but Sting would wait for the Warrior to get back into the ring as a sign of respect.

Once back in the ring, Sting began turning momentum in his favor. Sting went for an early Stinger Splash in which Warrior would avoid. From here, Warrior would gain some offense, but it wasn't long before his was in the turnbuckle again, and this time Sting would connect the Stinger Splash.

Sting instantly went for a Scorpion Death Lock which the Ultimate Warrior would fight away from, gaining momentum in his favor once more. After a bulldog, Warrior would go for a pin in which Sting would get a kick out.

Sting gained momentum again, and after a stun gun, locked in a Boston Crab that would see Warrior catch a rope break. From here, the Ultimate Warrior would get a second wing, but this would be stopped by Sting by dropping him with a clothesline and locking him in a Scorpion Death Lock.

After powering out of the submission, Ultimate Warrior took over again. Going for a superplex, Sting would kick him away and hit a diving shoulder tackle. Back and forth they began a counter-fest.

Sting got his second wind, allowing him to hit a second Stinger Splash. Sting tried to follow up with a Scorpion Death Drop, but Ultimate Warrior countered. At this point the match began to show another back and forth battle as neither man could get the upper hand.

Once Warrior got the momentum in his favor, he would land a Warrior Body Splash, but that still would not be enough to stop Sting from getting a kick-out. Warrior instantly went for a Military Press Slam after this, but Sting would counter and then hit a Scorpion Death Drop, finally picking up the win via pin fall.


After the match, Batista's music played as both men looked on in the ring, exhausted from their match. Batista made his way into the ring, tossing Warrior over the ropes out to the ringside area before focusing on Sting.

Batista aimed a strike at Sting, but Sting caught his hand, at this moment, you could see a sense of nervousness in Batista's face. Batista was able to block off a tired strike by Sting however and kick him in the gut. Batista would lay Sting out with a Batista bomb as the 'Boo' tista chants started and Nitro ended.

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