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WCW Thunder (Sept. Week 1) Empty WCW Thunder (Sept. Week 1)

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Sin Cara vs. La Parka

Sin Cara and La Parka took on a different pace. Very quick with a lot of countering and a lot of good spots. Sin Cara took advantage first, using a springboard moonsaults, a couple kick combos and assaults off the irish whip rebound to his advantage.

It spilled out onto the floor A missed high risk move from Cara helped La Parka gain a little bit of offense before tossing him back into the ring. La Parka got a couple moves in here, but it eventually became Sin Cara’s match once more.

The match went into a roll up pin fight, but after kicking out. Sin Cara continued to keep the pressure on, eventually hitting a Sunset Flip Powerbomb to catch the victory.


"The Celtic Stalker"
- - ACT I --

The scene goes backstage to Booker T just entering the Thunder area, wheeling his bag behind him. The commentators hype up his altercation with Sheamus on Nitro earlier in the week, speculating if he will be at one-hundred percent when he fights Bret Hart in the main event.

Along the way, Booker bumps into The Hart Foundation. All three men are hanging out backstage and take notice to him quick. Bret Hart and Booker T look up in a stare down for a moment as the camera pans out, you can see Sheamus in the background hiding like a rogue, watching the whole thing transpire.

The Wolves vs. The Road Warriors

The Road Warriors dominated most of the match with their power and quick tag outs. Keeping Edwards away from his corner. After a good amount of offense, Hawk hit a Military Press Slam on Edwards, but Edwards would kick out at a two count.

A blocked strike from Edwards followed by a clothesline, gave Edwards enough breathing room to unleash a second wind before both teams tagged their partners in. From here, Richards and Animal had a back and forth battle until the partners switched up once more.

Richards would take a lot of damage from Hawk before unleashing a second wind, followed by a Double Foot Stomp from the top rope. The pin fall attempt would only award him a two count. Richards would tag Edwards in and Edwards would keep the match in his teams favors.

A couple counters from Hawk allowed him to tag Animal into the match. Animal would take the match over from here, hitting a Powerslam on Edwards followed by a pin that got him the three count.


"Rebirth Of The WCW Television Championship"
-- ACT II --

The camera would focus in on Shane Mcmahon in his office, sitting at the desk on the phone, looking through paperwork. “Yeah, just make it here for next weeks Thunder”, was the only thing that was able to be heard from the conversation.

After hanging up the cell phone, Shane placed it to the side, holding his head like he had a headache. Shortly after a knock came at his door, not even a moment later the door opened and Ken Shamrock stepped into the room.

Shane looked at Shamrock like he had three heads, but held his tongue. From this point on, Shamrock started to complain about how he was thrown on the back burner in WWE and he didn’t want the same treatment in the WCW.

Shane assure him this would not be the case, in fact more specifically stating, “There’s a ten man rumble at War Games for the Television Championship, consider it your ticket to a new start in a better company.”


10 Man Royal Rumble for the vacant WCW Television Championship

Charlotte vs. Jackie Moore

Charlotte and Jackie had a serious struggle for power in the beginning, neither diva could get the upper hand. Eventually the tide would turn in Charlotte’s favor, as she started to work on Jackie Moore’s limbs.

Jackie would catch a counter and hit a roll up pin, but Charlotte would kick out. The match continued to show a lot of technical wrestling, eventually Jackie’s strength came into play, as she shifted the momentum.

Jackie would miss a facebuster attempt and after a couple more moves targeting the limbs, Charlotte would hit a spear, following it up with a pinfall attempt.

After Jackie kicked out of the Spear, Charlotte would instantly lock in the Figure Eight. Jackie Moore tried to fight for a decent amount of time, but in the end, she had not choice but to tap out.


Rick Rude vs. Brian Pillman

This match was all Pillman’s from the beginning. The crowd rallied behind Brian Pillman as he started off the match dominating with a lot of strikes. After weakening Rude for a good amount of damage, Pillman went to the top rope, missing a huge aerial move.

Rude tried to take over, being as aggressive as he could. Even with a couple dirty tactics brought into play, it wouldn’t stop Pillman from becoming surperior once more. After a springboard clothesline, Pillman pinned Rude for the win.


Bret Hart vs. Booker T

It went back and forth for quite a while, but Bret Hart slowly began to use grapples and limb targeting to his advantage. Hart would lock in a Sharpshooter early, but Booker T would get into the ropes for a rope break.

Booker T took over with a massive amount of strikes. The pace quickened as Booker T had advantage, but a counter soon seen Bret take over once more. Hart would hit a piledriver and go for the pin fall.

Booker T kicked out, saving the match. At the end, it was a back and forth battle, but after Hart locked the Sharpshooter in on Booker T in the middle of the ring, even Booker had no choice but to tap out.


After the match, Sheamus and Finlay would come down the ramp and begin to pick apart the remains of a weak Booker T. Hart would take notice and toss Finlay from the ring before scooping Sheamus’s legs out from underneath of him and locking him in a Sharpshooter.

Booker T would get to his feet and look at Bret Hart as he released the hold. Hart would step over to Booker as the two men had a stare down before the show went off the air.

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