WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 1)

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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 1) Empty WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 1)

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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 1) Wwe-smackdown-logo-old

-- (SEPTEMBER - WEEK 1) --



"Don't let them in the arena. If they come in the arena, tonight..."

Screen focuses in on Vince Mcmahon talking to a gang of security guards.

VINCE MCMAHON : ... All of you will be looking for a new job!

Just as Vince gets done talking, a black Dodge Ram comes racing into the parking lot, parking in no spot in particular, just parking in the middle of everything. Stone Cold hops out of the truck to a huge reaction. Vince looks confused, before asking.

VINCE MCMAHON : Steve, what are you doing here?

Stone Cold looks at Vince.

STONE COLD : I'm here to make an announcement.

The fans get a laugh out of this as Vince Mcmahon sits baffled. Stone Cold just pats Vince Mcmahon on his shoulders and begins walking into the arena. The camera follows him through the building until he reaches the backstage entrance area.

The glass breaks and Stone Cold makes his way down the ramp in his street close to a huge roar. Austin does his traditional four rope entrance before asking for a microphone.

STONE COLD : It looks like Vince Mcmahon is back to running the WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin is just here to say, if you're back then I'm back too. I told you years ago Vince, it was gonna' be hard to get rid of Stone Cold. Well, I'm here and I'm ready to start opening cans of whoop ass once again. I notice there's a vacant WWE Championship and the way I see it is, that WWE Championship belongs to me.

At this point, Ryback and HBK step out on stage.

HBK begins to speak as Ryback just smirks.

HBK begins telling Austin that he just can't come back to WWE demanding things. More specifically he taunts Austin asking him if doctors would even clear him to wrestle.

The two begin taunting each other and Ryback and HBK begin making a slow walk down the ramp. Austin drops the microphone getting ready to fight, but the altercation is ended when Vince Mcmahon steps out onto the stage with a microphone.

Vince begins to tell Austin he doesn't even know why he would come back to the WWE with such ridiculous demands. Vince elaborates on his thoughts more by telling Stone Cold he's going to have to work his way back up from the bottom of the company. This draws huge heat as the audience is in an outrage.

Stone Cold simply counters Vince's demands by explaining, it's not the first time and it won't be the last time he's had to 'jump through hoops'. Ending the segment by stating...

"I guess I gotta' do things the hard way, and you remember what happens when I do things the hard way, Vince!"

Santino vs. The Miz

Santino took the advantage first with a few counter strikes and Irish whip rebounds. The momentum wasn't lived long as The Miz caught a counter on the ropes and executed a middle rope neckbreaker. From here, Miz did a couple moves, using the ring ropes to his advantage before showboating.

This helped Santino get back into the match. Santino began working the limbs doing a bit of technical wrestling to wear Miz down. After this came an onslaught of strikes followed by a gutbuster, giving Santino a big edge in the match.

Santino was working the match to his favor at this point, winning by a landslide. It just seemed like The Miz couldn't get anything going for himself, until he countered out of a working hold, hitting a running clothesline after.

The Miz stalked Santino as he made his way to his feet at this point, hitting a Skull Crushing Finale, that would only keep Santino down for a two count. This frustrated the Miz, making him unleash an flurry of strikes. Eventually Santino would catch a counter.

Following a variation of a backbreaker, Miz would go for a dirty pin, using his feet on the ropes. Santino kicked out at the last possible second, which caused the match to continue, making Miz grow even more angry.

Miz began smashing Santino's head into the turnbuckle in rage and choking him in the corner with his boot before executing a Snapmare Driver, in which Santino still wouldn't stay down. From here, Miz stalked Santino once more, dropping him with a second Skull Crushing Finale as he stood to pick up the win.


"A Sign Of Things To Come"
-- ACT II --

After the match ends, the fans roar as Stone Cold darts down the ring and catches The Miz off guard, kicking him in the gut and hitting him with a Stone Cold Stunner as he turns around. Stone Cold drops to the mat and begins talking trash to Miz. He stands up as Santino is standing and before Santino can attempt anything, Stone Cold gives Santino a two finger salute before hitting him with a Stunner as well.

The camera then cuts back to Vince's Executive Luxury Suite in the arena, where he is shaking his head in anger, while HBK is sitting on the couch and Ryback is pacing back and forth.

Rob Van Dam vs. Isaiah Payne

This match had a lot of fast paced action. Rob Van Dam took momentum first, but after a counter, the action spilled outside where Payne got the advantage, using the ring post and the steel steps for help, before bringing the action back into the ring.

The match began to go back and forth with a lot of high risk spots from both superstars. RVD would hit a Rolling Thunder and then go for a Five Star Frog Splash, but Isaiah Payne would roll out of the way, shifting the momentum of the match. Payne would hit the last dance from the corner and go for a pin fall.

RVD managed to kick out. A counter strike from Van Dam kept him in the match, but not for long as Payne would hit a counter followed by the Leaping Last Ride Powerbomb for the win.


"Don't Count On It"
-- ACT III --

Renee Young was standing backstage with Chris Jericho getting ready to do an interview. Renee started asking Jericho about his match later tonight. Jericho would begin talking about how he was planning on riding his momentum to another title reign, but his speech was cut short by Kevin Owen's interrupting the interview.

Owens would taunt Jericho and down play him, telling him that "the only way he was going to get a title shot in the near future is if he had a time machine and could go back in time to when he was relevant". Owen's continued to hype himself up and said he would get a title shot before Jericho.

Jericho would bite his tongue for the moment and pat Owen's on his chest before stepping in front of his face, telling him "don't count on it", before walking away.

The New Day vs. The Usos

Kofi and Jey Uso started off first, giving the match a quick pace with a lot of running strikes and irish whip rebound attacks. Kofi got the upper hand for his team and then tagged Big E in.

Big E slowed the pace down, using a lot of power moves. After a countered grapple, Jey made a desperation tag to Jimmy. Jimmy came in and quickened the pace again. Big E would eventually toss Jimmy from the ring and tag Kofi Kingston back in. Kofi would stay aggressive, keeping the match in his teams favor.

After hitting a Boom Drop, Kofi would go for a pin, but Jimmy would kick out. Kofi would tag Big E into the match, but Big E would miss a running attack into the corner, giving Jimmy the chance to tag Jey in. Jey hit a Rikishi Driver and then a Samoan Kick, following it up with a pin fall attempt.

Big E would get the kick out. The momentum would go back and forth for a while. Jey would take an edge and eventually hit an Uso Splash. Jey Uso went for the pin, but Kofi would break it up, keeping the match going. At this point, Kofi and Jimmy would engage in a brawl outside the ring after the save. This gave Big E the opportunity to reverse a scoop slam and hit a Big Ending for the win.


"...And It Continues"
-- ACT IV --

After the match, Stone Cold would appear once more, giving a round of Stone Cold Stunner's to all four men in the ring. At this point the camera would cut back into The Authority's luxury suite. Vince Mcmahon is standing up filled with anger. HBK and Ryback are standing in front of him as he begins to talk to them.

VINCE MCMAHON : Well, you see what he's doing. You see the game he's playing! Tonight, don't let him do that to you, Ryback!

Ryback smirks and begins hopping around, hyping himself up for his main event match against Edge later on.

Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Owens

This match went back and forth for a while, with both men taunting each other. Early in the match, Jericho went for the Walls Of Jericho, but Kevin Owens fought it off.

Eventually Owens took the advantage with a lot of strikes and corner strikes, but that was short lived as Chris Jericho used his speed to his advantage. The match spilled outside the ring and both men would use the environment to their advantage, making the match become personal.

After a two count kick out from a Lionsault, Kevin Owens would leave the ring and begin walking up the ramp in an attempt to flee. Jericho would run after him, causing the two men to brawl up the entrance ramp. In the end, neither would make the ten count, causing the match to result in a double count out.


The brawl would continue afterwards. A couple officials would try to break it up, but it would result with Owen's Pop Up Powerbombing Jericho onto the ring apron. As Jericho lay on the floor in pain, Kevin Owen's would taunt Y2J, picking up massive heat.

Edge vs. Ryback

Ryback came out with Shawn Micheals in his corner while Edge came out with Christian in his. When the match started Ryback instantly took charge with running power strikes and power moves, much as he had been doing for the past couple months. Christian had to rely more on counters and quick strikes.

Ryback would miss a Meathook Clothesline attempt, causing HBK to distract Edge to help the big guy keep the advantage. Keeping the match in his favor, Ryback would hit a couple more power moves. A blocked strike gave Edge enough time to hit an Edgecution which he would follow up with a pin.

Ryback would kick out, causing the match to continue. Edge followed this up by hitting a Downward Spiral. HBK would distract the official, causing the pin not to be counted. With Edge distracted, Ryback took advantage once more, hitting a Meathook Clothesline, following it up with a Shell Shock for the victory.


"Trying To Catch A Rattlesnake"
-- ACT V --

After the match, Ryback would lift Edge back up and lift him up for another Shell Shock, but Christian would get in the ring to break it up. Shawn Micheals would enter and hit Christian with a Sweet Chin Music. As Christian staggered back and spun around, Ryback would connect a Meathook Clothesline.

Edge would start to stand, but Ryback would throw him from the ring. HBK and Ryback standing in the middle of the ring, would wave their hands, tempting Stone Cold to make his way down to the ring. What they got was something different.


HHH's music would hit as he would run down the ramp in street gear. Somehow he had gotten through security, and made his way into the arena. Ryback would hit HHH with a few shots, before The Game would hit a low blow and attempt a Pedigree. HBK would break it up allowing the two of them to start reigning strikes upon HHH.

Vince would come out on stage with security and signal them to rush the ring. As they did, HHH would get off a Pedigree on Shawn Micheals. Looking around the ring, watching his own back, HHH was ready to fight. Meanwhile, Ryback was sneaking up behind him.

The arena would irrupt as Austin would come over the barricade and slide into the ring, spinning Ryback around and hitting him with a Stone Cold Stunner. It was at this point that security entered the ring. One by one security would get dropped. Pedigree from HHH, Stunner from Austin, as Vince looked on humiliated.

After clearing the ring, HHH and Austin bumped into each other while backing up. When they turned around face to face, the arena went crazy...

Out of nowhere, Stone Cold flipped the bird to HHH and hit him with a Stunner, afterward, The Texas Rattlesnake would engage in his traditional beer guzzling post match party to end the show.

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