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"It's going down at War Games"
-----OPENING ACT-----

The New World Order music plays as The N.W.O makes their way down the ramp and into the ring. When the music cuts off. Hollywood Hogan begins to cut his promo.

He starts referencing about how the NWO is going to take-over WCW much like they did when the company was first in business. He addresses Shane Mcmahon being the owner, more specifically by stating, " Just because a Mcmahon now runs things, doesn't mean that he can stop the New World Order".

Hogan brings up Shane's match proposal about an NWO representative battling it out with Shane's mystery enforcer. After that he appoints the man that will face the enforcer at War Games. Hogan had picked Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner for the deed. After this Hogan begins to slander Shane.

His last question is, "Where is your enforcer, Shane?"


Shane Mcmahon's music plays as the WCW nation goes into a frenzy. Shane steps out onto the entrance ramp in business attire. Shane Mcmahon waits for the reaction to die down. Afterward, Shane talks about how his enforcer is a mystery and he will be just that. Shane ends his comments by telling Hollywood, "Now that you have picked your representative, I will now add on to the whole ordeal".

Shane announces that the match will now be a tag team match at Fall Brawl. Hogan picked Steiner for his representative, so that will be Hogan's tag team partner. Shane announces that he will in deed be the partner for his mystery enforcer.

Shane Mcmahon & Mystery Enforcer vs. Scott Steiner & Hollywood Hogan

Berlyn vs. Johnny Nitro

Johnny Nitro took charge of the match from the very beginning with his speed. Berlyn would try to fight back being a little more technical and using a little more striking counters to his advantage. It wasn't long before Johnny Nitro would hit a Moonlight Drive followed with a pinfall attempt.

Berlyn would catch a kick out, causing the match to continue. After a small display of a back and forth battle, Johnny Nitro got the edge once more, leading him to hit another Moonlight Drive followed by a Starship Pain for the victory.


"The Vigilante Responds"
-- ACT II --

The Crow caws, Stings theme follows after as the arena goes dim and the arena roars. Sting is seen descending from the rafters into the ring. As the lights come back on, Sting paces around the ring with a microphone in one hand and his bat in the other. As the reaction dies down and the lights return to their original state, Sting begins to talk about last week.

STING : Ya' know, I noticed just how much of an impact I make in WCW last week. I mean, I find it a little crazy that Batista targets me of all people. Go figure, the WCW World Heavyweight Champion targets me! He targets me because he knows that it doesn't matter if he holds the title or not. In WCW, Sting has always been and will always be the man to beat. The thing is, when I look him in the eyes, I can see the fear. Batista, you are no animal. If you are you are definitely not something as fearless as a lion. Anyway, it appears that we have some unfinished business.

Sting reaches into a trench coat pocket and pulls out a folded up paper, holding it up.

STING : This right here is golden ticket. Not only is it my golden ticket to the WCW Heavyweight Championship, but it's my golden ticket to you. Shane didn't want you in WCW, in fact how you became champion was quite cowardly. I'll give you credit, it was slick in deed, but cowardly none the less. What I have in my hand though, is the end of your title reign as WCW Heavyweight Championship. At Fall Brawl War Games, this is a contract for me versus you in the main event for the belt... I'll see you there, big guy!

Sting drops the microphone as his music plays once more and the arena goes wild.

-WCW World Heavyweight Championship-
Sting vs. Batista

Bam Bam Bigelow & Kanyon vs. The Briscoe Bros.

It went back and forth for quite a while, starting with Bam Bam and Jay. Bam Bam started to take over due to his weight and size. It was when he tagged Kanyon in where Jay started to gain the upper hand a bit, getting a tag to Mark.

Mark and Jay began to do the quick tag in and out method, while keeping Kanyon isolated. A few pin falls happened here, but Kanyon would kick out of all of them. Mark would miss a strike helping Kanyon get a much needed tag to Bam Bam Bigelow.

Bigelow came in, dominating the match once more and would hit Greetings From Asbury Park, but miss a moonsault attempt, allowing Mark to tag Jay back into action. Jay and Bam Bam began having a back and forth battle from this point. Eventually Bigelow would hit a Greetings From Asbury Park once more, followed by a pin fall.

A save from Mark Briscoe kept the match going, but in a heated battle both men tagged in their partners. From here, Kanyon took over and drilled Mark Briscoe with a Flat-liner to pick up the victory.


"The Irish Upper-hand"
-- ACT III --

We go to the backstage area where Bret Hart is making his way into the arena in his street clothes. As Bret Hart is pulling his gym back from the trunk of his car, he is blindsided by Sheamus and Fit Finlay.

The two begin a vicious attack, slamming his head against the side of the car a few times and kicking him in his ribs while he falls to the ground. Sheamus signals for Finlay to lift Hart to his feet. Finlay lifts Hart up, allowing Sheamus to hit Bret Hart with a Brogue Kick. The two stand over Bret Hart and watch him roll around on the parking garage concrete in pain.

Sheamus isn't done as he lifts Bret Hart up and puts Hart's head in between his thighs, lifting him and drilling him onto the hood of the car with an High Cross. Both Finlay and Sheamus stand there admiring what they have done for a moment before walking away.

Saturn vs. William Regal

William Regal got the upper-hand right from the start, using a lot of technical wrestling to his advantage. He started targeting the legs and arms of Saturn. Eventually a counter from Saturn would lead to him taking the match over. Saturn would also use some technical skills to his advantage, before following up with an onslaught of strikes.

Regal eventually got himself back into the match. A Regal-plex into a pin would not keep Saturn down as he kicked out of a near fall. William Regal attempted to keep the match in his favor by locking in a Regal Stretch, but Saturn would fight out. Following this, both men would exchange a few blows each.

After a huge counter from Regal, Saturn wouldn't get much going. Regal would hit another Regal-plex that would again see Saturn kick out. Regal would follow this up by clocking Saturn with the brass knuckles for the win.


Fit Finlay vs. Haku

Even with Sheamus at ringside, Haku would dominate most of the match. It was during distractions from Finlay's tag partner that Finlay would begin to get some sort of offense going.

Fit Finlay would try to end the match quick with a couple pin falls off some power moves, but Haku would not allow it, kicking out at will. Fighting back, Haku would go for a Tongan Death Grip, but Finlay would counter the submission and take full advantage after a distraction from Sheamus.

In the end, Finlay would hit a Tombstone Piledriver to finish the match.


"Hart Problems"
-- ACT IV --

After the match, The Hart Foundation would storm the ring. Bulldog and Anvil would rush down to the ring, while a fearless Bret Hart limped  behind them. Sheamus would lock up with the British Bulldog and Jim Neidhart would begin tussling with Fit Finlay. The Hart Foundation would get toss Fit Finlay and Sheamus from the ring as Bret Hart entered the ring with a microphone in his hand.

BRET HART : I tell you what, you want to attack people when their backs are turned. You two want to mess with me? You must have forgotten that the Hart Foundation sticks together. If you have a problem with one of us, you have a problem with all of us. I got a challenge for you two since you like to fight. How about the two of you take one these two this week on Thunder?

Sheamus and Fit Finlay both look down the ramp into the ring at the Hart Foundation in anger as they retreat.

- Thunder Match Announcement -
We Like To Fight vs. The Hart Foundation

Mike Awesome vs. Chris Benoit

In a great bout, Mike Awesome would take the momentum first due to his strength. In the beginning, Benoit relied on counters to get his licks in. Eventually the match would shift into The Crippler's favor though.

Chris Benoit used a lot of strikes and targeting the shoulders and arms a lot. This also led to Benoit targeting Awesome's legs in an attempt to keep the big man off of his feet. After a good amount of strikes and limb targeting had softened Awesome up, Benoit began to unleash some grapples. This led to Benoit hitting a triple German suplex, followed by a pin fall.

Mike Awesome would catch a near fall kick out, causing the match to continue. Benoit kept the aggression up and hit a German suplex from the top rope. To follow things up, The Crippler ascended the turnbuckle for an aerial move. His attempt at the Diving Head but would change the momentum of the match as Mike Awesome rolled out of the way.

Mike Awesome went for a pin fall following the missed head but attempt, but Chris Benoit would kick out. Afterward, Mike Awesome would hit an Awesome Bomb. The pin attempt would only get a near fall. With the match continuing, it now turned into a back and forth battle. After a counter from the corner, Mike Awesome would hit a second Awesome Bomb for the win.


"The Type Of Animal I Am"
-- ACT V --

Batista would come down to the ring prior to his main event match and cut a promo. He would address Sting's match by saying he was not intimidated. Batista went on blame the WCW fans for dubbing Sting immortal and would call them all stupid and foolish. This drew a good amount of heat. He ended his rant about Sting simply by saying, "The type of animal I am, feasts upon birds such as a crow"!

He then brought his attention to his opponent, calling Ric Flair a senior citizen, telling Flair that he was going to give him a one way ticket back to the nursing home tonight. (Old school WCW hype right there)

With the fans chanting Boo-tista, Flair would make his entrance. Soon after a brief confrontation in the ring, the main event would be underway.

[size=10]Ric Flair vs. Batista

The match started and both men wouldn't let the other take the advantage. Ric Flair would work his strong points to weaken Batista, by softening up his legs. Batista in turn would counter and hit a power move, using his strength as a factor. The first pin attempt came after Batista hit a spinebuster, which Flair would kick out.

Batista started to take the advantage from here, but it wasn't long before a counter in the turnbuckle would lead to Flair taking the upper hand. Once the match spilled out onto the floor a toss into the ring post helped Batista get in the drivers seat once more. It quickly made it's way back into the ring, where Batista executed a Batista Bomb.

Flair kicked out of a near fall keeping the match in play. After countering a strike from Batista, Ric Flair would resort to more ground work. This eventually led to The Nature Boy locking in a Figure Four. Batista would catch a rope break, saving the match and a loss. From here, neither man wanted to give the upper hand.

It wasn't until Ric Flair was countered while trying a second attempt at the Figure Four. After this, Batista would lock in the Batista Bite. Flair fought all he could, but after a while, he had no choice but to tap-out.


After the match, Batista would stalk behind Flair and attempt to start a vicious post-match beat down on The Nature Boy. Batista would get off two or three power strikes before...


Out Of The Shadows would play, causing a paranoid Batista to look around the arena and up in the rafters for The Vigilante. Sting would come out on the entrance ramp and point down the ramp with his bat. As he started slow pacing down the ramp, Batista would take a second look, noticing that it was not the real Sting.

Before he could turn around, the real Sting was already behind him and would hook and drop him with a Scorpion Death Drop to a massive pop as Nitro went off the air.

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