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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 2) Empty WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 2)

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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 2) Wwe-smackdown-logo-old

-- (SEPTEMBER - WEEK 2) --


Zack Ryder vs. Isaiah Payne

From the opening bell, Isaiah Payne took advantage. Zack Ryder had to rely on counters pretty much the whole match. That still wouldn't seem to get the job done as Isaiah would hit a Curb Stomp followed by a To Hell With You to gain the victory.


"Un-likely Duo"
-- ACT I --

HHH's music would hit and he would come out and walk down the ramp with Stephanie, getting a massive pop from the audience. Entering the ring, they would both pace around and talk among each other for the moment. When the music died, Stephanie would speak first.

Steph would begin by talking about how egotistical her father is, and that he always tries putting an obstacle in someone's way. She brings up the tag match next week on RAW IS WAR, where HHH and Stone Cold will face the Authority. Stephanie brings up the fact that even though Austin and HHH might not see eye to eye, they both want the same things.

She ends her comments with, "after all let's not forget, at one point they were the Two Man Power Trip and they were the WWE Tag Team Champions". This was her way of telling Vince that the two men could co-exist as a tag team.

It was at this point that HHH took the floor and began to speak on the matter. He explained that while he's not sorry for Pedigreeing Stone Cold on RAW, he will have no problem teaming with The Texas Rattlesnake against The Authority. HHH started to talk about their history and how it was that of legend. He ended his statements with, "who knows, you may even see Austin and I have a post match beer-bash after opening a can of whoop ass on The Authority. Highly unlikely, but as I said... who knows".

HHH would drop the microphone and his music would que once more. HHH and Stephanie would exit the ring and begin to walk backstage.

The New Day vs. Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady

This match went back and forth with Kofi and Enzo starting off first. Kofi would tag Big E into action and Big E would begin to dominate with his power before making another tag back to Kofi. The two were working well in the opening of the match.

Enzo would get a desperate counter that would allow him to tag Big Cass into the match for the first time. Eventually Cassady would take charge on Kofi before hitting him with the East River Crossing. Big E would make the save, following that Cassady would tag Enzo back into the match.

Enzo would begins reigning strikes on Kingston, but after a couple counters and strikes, Kingston would fight back and make a tag to Big E. Big E came in and began dominating with power moves. A blind tag was off an Irish whip made and Big E didn't notice. Cassady would come in and take advantage with a running strike.

It was from this point on, Colin Cassady stayed in the drivers seat, eventually hitting another East River Crossing for the victory.


"Someone I Really Don't Care About"
-- ACT II --

Ziggler was standing by backstage with Renee Young to talk about his ongoing run in with Cesaro. When Ziggler was asked the question, a strange look came across the show off's face.

Dolph would use this time to break things down even more on his recent attitude as of late. He started to get aggressive with Renee, stating, "everywhere I go people want to know about my thoughts on Cesaro". Ziggler started to bring clarity to that comment by saying it is about him, not Cesaro.

"People care too much about Cesaro that they don't want to know anything about Ziggler", he stated. He started talking about how he always tried to impress the WWE Universe and that he was done with that. Ziggler would end his comments by saying things are far from over between him and Cesaro. Ziggler then stated, "as for my thoughts about him, well Cesaro is somebody I really don't care about".

Bad News Barrett vs. Roman Reigns

The match started and it became a brawl going back and forth for a while. Reigns got the upper hand and wouldn't let up on the strike attack. After a counter from Barrett, the pace of the match slowed down and Bad News Barrett began using some grapples and slams to slide things into his favor.

There was a couple counters from Reigns that helped keep him in the match, but eventually when charging at Barrett, Reigns got caught with The Winds Of Change followed by a pin fall. Reigns would not be denied and kicked out of a near fall. From here, it became a back and forth battle from both men.

Reigns would eventually go for a Superman Punch that Barrett would avoid before hitting a Bull Hammer to pick up the win.


Nikki Bella vs. Becky Lynch

Paige had come out with her Diva's Championship and sat ringside to see who her number one contender, joining the commentary table during the match. Nikki Bella and Becky Lynch would both feel a little distracted, taking the match a moment to gain any true momentum. Once it did, both Diva's performed not giving either the advantage.

Becky Lynch took advantage with a top rope drop-kick and an electric chair drop before working on Nikki Bella's legs. Nikki would eventually turn tides with a counter and a springboard round house kick before looking for a cover. Lynch would kick out, keeping the match going. After some damage from in the corner, Nikki would pull Becky away from the corner and go for a Rack Attack.

Lynch would counter and begin reigning strikes upon Nikki. A moment after, she locked Nikki Bella in the Disarm-her, but Nikki would be in the ropes. The match continued with both Diva's going back and forth. Lynch would hit an exploder suplex out of nowhere to pick up the victory.


After the match, Becky would celebrate all while watching Paige at commentary, focusing on her Diva's Championship.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Randy Orton

Dolph started out the aggressor in this one to prove himself. He did a couple running strikes and hit a fameassour quick, trying to end it. Ziggler went for the pin here, but Orton would kick out almost immediately. Ziggler pushed it to the corner and stayed aggressive, but eventually Randy Orton's patience helped him catch a counter and take over the match.

Orton would hit a Apex Predator stomp combination and an RKO, following it up with a pin, but Ziggler would kick out. The match continued and Ziggler would hit a heart stopper. Randy would roll from the ring to avoid the Zig Zag. After Randy regained his composure he came back in. The two then had another quick exchange.

Ziggler would almost immediately go for the Zig Zag again, but Orton would fight out of it. This led to Orton hitting a Spike DDT followed by a second RKO. Somehow, Dolph would kick out again. Orton, losing focus became more aggressive then he should have. After a barrage of strikes, Ziggler would find a counter.

Ziggler followed this up with a Jumping DDT and then a Zig Zag. Ziggler would hold use the ropes during the pinfall and gain the win.


"An Angry Viper"
-- ACT III --

After the match, Randy would grow frustrated and push the referee to the side taunting Ziggler to get back into the ring. Ziggler would deny and mock Orton while back peddling up the ramp. The crowd would irrupt as Cesaro would come up behind Dolph while he was distracted.

Cesaro grabbed Dolph before he knew what was going on and charged forward, pushing him back into the ring. As Cesaro started walking back up the ramp, Orton would hit Ziggler with an RKO as he stood up.

Orton wasn't done, before he made his way backstage, he would slap the official a couple times in the back of the head before lifting him up and RKO'ing him as well. This drew massive heat, but was also entertaining for Orton putting Ziggler's attitude on check for the moment.

John Cena & Apollo Crews vs. The Wyatt Family

By the beginning of this match, it was already apparent that The Wyatt Family was not going to play fair having Bray Wyatt at ring side. John Cena let the young buck, Apollo Crews start off first against Luke Harper. The two had a back and forth battle, but Harper started taking advantage with strikes before tagging in Erick Rowan.

Crews relied on his counters until he could break off and get the tag to Cena. Once Cena came in he began to dominate Rowan. Rowan would catch a counter off of a rope rebound and go for a Spinning Leg Lariat which Cena would counter. After a small rally from Cena, it wasn't long before Rowan was hit with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. As Cena zeroed in on closing the match out, he went for an Attitude Adjustment that was interrupted by Luke Harper.

Due to the interruption, Rowan made a tag. A distraction from Bray helped Harper capitalize by hitting a side slam and then a Discus Clothesline. Cena would catch a kick out and at this point Bray would play mind games, taunting Cena at ringside. This only fueled Cena as he got a second wind and came back to hit an Attitude Adjustment. Wyatt would put Harper's foot on the ropes to save the match. At this point and then Cena would get a tag to Crews.

Crews would hit a few strikes on Harper before attempted a spinning powerbomb in which Harper countered, bring Rowan in. Rowan would take control for a minute, but following a counter Apollo Crews would show off some skills with power moves before bringing Cena back into the match.

Back and forth they went until Cena hit another Five Knuckle Shuffle followed by an Attitude Adjustment, pinning Rowan. Harper would jump in and make the save. Crews would come in and he and Harper would tussle until they fell out of the ring and began a brawl ringside. While this was happening, Wyatt would distract Cena.

As the referee warned Wyatt he would send him backstage an oblivious Cena would turn into a Spinning Leg Lariat by Rowan. At this point Rowan would pick up the win.


"Decimation Of Apollo Crews"
-- ACT IV --

After the match, the lights would go out for a decent amount of time and when they came back on, Cena would be handcuffed to the ring ropes while The Wyatt Family began to pick apart Apollo Crews. One by one, The Wyatt Family hit their finishers on Crews while Cena sat defenseless and couldn't help.

Afterwards, Bray walked over to John Cena and began slapping and taunting him. As Cena reached at him, trying to grab him, Bray would dodge his grasp. A sinister Bray Wyatt, would lift a beaten Apollo Crews to his feet once more, looking at Cena before locking his arm around Apollo Crews and kissing him on the forehead. Wyatt would drive Apollo to the mat with a Sister Abigail as Smackdown ended.

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