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Fall Brawl (War Games)
Live On Pay Per View
(September - Week 2)
Kiel Auditorium - St. Louis , MO

PAY PER VIEW OVERVIEW : A newly revamped WCW has emerged with Shane Mcmahon under ownership. After winning the rights at WWE Summerslam, World Championship Wrestling has re-spawned from the ashes. As Batista cashed in at Summer Slam and took the WWE Championship, he defected to WCW turning the former WWE prestige prize into the new WCW World Heavyweight Championship, there was one man the Animal had targeted... Sting.

The Vigilante was never one to back down. This set the stage for The Animal's first encounter with The Icon, putting his WCW World Heavyweight Championship on the line.

While these two have bad blood, the New World Order looks to overrun WCW once more. Fearless Shane Mcmahon has found a mystery enforcer to ensure that doesn't happen. It truly comes down to a battle between WCW and NWO once again.

Sheamus has been on a hot streak lately and also been a top ruthless force in WCW. Will Sheamus meet a bad end for the devious deeds and hell that he and his tag team partner Fit Finlay have put The Hart Foundation and Booker T through?

The stage for Fall Brawl is set, and it begins now...


"WCW Will Always Be A Legacy"

As soon as the opening pyro package was done, the camera zoomed through the arena zooming in on certain creative signs from the WCW fans...

... We Are Sting

... I Want Shane Mcmahon's Money

... Die Sheamus Die


The audience would give a standing applause as the new owner of WCW, Shane Mcmahon would step out onto the stage with a microphone in his hand. In street clothes and ready for tonight's match, Shane would start shadow boxing around on the stage for a moment before making his way down the ramp.

Shane wasted no time, slapping hands with the fans in the arena as he got to ringside and entered the ring. Once his music cut, the emotion from the audience would fade down and Shane Mcmahon would begin to talk.

Shane started talking about WCW's "rich but haunted" history. He went into stories from the past, before making it clear, "with those stories already written, we will make out own". He then started talking about how tonight he stands in the way of a faction quite like his father. He brought up how the NWO may have been the outlaws in the past, but he wouldn't let them tarnish WCW's name. He began to talk about how Hogan and his goons are what wrestling doesn't need. More directly he stated, "They are a bunch of egotistical old elite wrestlers that live in the past and refuse to let new talent shine".

After a few more words and comments on what would take place and how he envisioned his match, Shane welcomed all in attendance and all the viewers at home to WCW Fall Brawl, "War Games". After the welcome the guitar started to play WCW's special musical quest was on stage to play the theme song for Fall Brawl...
(if i use wrestlers/managers that have since crossed over to the life, what makes you think I wouldn't with musicians

Following Jimi Hendrix performance the audience irrupted once more as Jimi played a tiny guitar solo to another pyro package to start the pay per view.

Tale Of The Tape : These are the top three contenders fighting for the vacant WCW Cruiserweight Championship. There isn't any bad blood between them as of yet. This is simply a match to determine who the top Cruiserweight is as they have all won their singles matches.

Rey Mysterio Jr vs. Sin Cara vs. Johnny Nitro

The opening bout had a lot of your typical high flying from all three contestants. Johnny Nitro would hit Rey with a Moonlight Drive, but Rey would kick out. Sin Cara would hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb a little later on down the line on Johnny Nitro, but Rey Mysterio would save the match.

Rey hit a 619 on Johnny Nitro after gaining a second wind, but that pin attempt would also be saved by Sin Cara. From here, Sin Cara would toss Mysterio from the ring and hit him with a suicide dive before entering the ring and hitting a recovering Johnny Nitro with a Sunset Flip for the victory and the Cruiserweight Championship.


"Behold A Wonder"
-- ACT II --

Charlotte would come out to the ring with the newly made WCW Women's Championship in her possession. The fans would give her an aggressive reaction as she entered with a microphone in hand. When she spoke, the boo's only got louder.

CHARLOTTE : Now, I have been looking at the female competition in the back that has signed to World Championship Wrestling and I have to say, the competition looks pretty slim. There is no women in the back that is worthy of fighting me, let alone holding this title. However, for those of you that will never amount to nothing, here is your chance. Come out here and have your less then five minutes of fame by getting beat by the two time Hall Of Famer's daughter...

as Charlotte finished and dropped the microphone a somewhat familiar theme to wrestling fans played...


Chyna made her way out to a huge reaction, it was clear Shane had done the unthinkable and signed probably one of the most dominant females to ever grace wrestling. As Chyna walked down to the ring, Charlotte began complaining to the referee. Chyna would enter the ring and step right up into Charlotte's face before the match started.

Chyna vs. Charlotte (c.)

Chyna was obviously very dominant in the early going of the match. She was throwing Charlotte around and the audience was loving it. Charlotte would get a couple counters before working on Chyna's legs trying to keep her grounded. Charlotte even went for a couple quick pins and a dirty pin early on, but Chyna would continue to kick out.

Chyna would eventually get back into the match and start to dominate again. She eventually hit a Back Handspring Elbow in the corner on Charlotte and followed it up with a Chyna Bomb for the victory, becoming the new WCW Women's Champion.



Ironically, the first two competitors that drew numbers one and two were British Bulldog and Fit Finlay who have had problems of their own. The two brawled relentlessly until the third man entered which was Wrath.

Wrath started to power through both men, not caring who was who. He went to eliminate Finlay early, but Finlay would fight himself back in, stopping elimination for the time being. At a point, British Bulldog and Wrath hit a couple double teams on Finlay, until the fourth man entered.

Brian Pillman ran down the ramp and instantly showed heart going for the big man first. This left Bulldog to fight Finlay one on one once more. Finlay would catch a counter and hit a Tombstone Piledriver, but still couldn't power British Bulldog out during elimination. Pillman and Wrath on the other hand would brawl into the corner. This led Pillman to attempt an unsuccessful elimination on Wrath. Moments later, the next competitor entered.

While Rick Rude entered, Bulldog would counter Finlay and hit him with a quick elimination. An angry Finlay would try to enter the ring after elimination, but the officials would pull him back. Rude now focused on a distracted British Bulldog. On the other end of the ring, Pillman and Wrath continued their struggle. Wrath would go for a Choke Bomb, but Pillman would reverse it and take the advantage.

From here, Pillman would attempt to eliminate Wrath, Rude seeing this turned his attention away from The British Bulldog who was on the mat and went to help. Both Pillman and Rude would eliminate Wrath together. This then turned to Pillman reigning blows on Rick Rude as the next superstar entered.

William Regal entered and went for British Bulldog who was just coming to his feet. William Regal started to target the leg before tossing Bulldog into the corner and attempting an elimination. His attempt was unsuccessful and a collision caused both men to switch who they were fight. Pillman and Regal began going blow for blow, while Rick Rude hit Brain Pillman with couple attacks on the mat before going for an elimination, while this was happening the next man made his way into the match.

Ken Shamrock came in and instantly targeted William Regal as the two had unfinisheD business. Meanwhile, Brian Pillman would fight back and deliver a tornado DDT to Rick Rude before eliminating him. He now focused on Bulldog Irish whipping him into the ropes. On the rebound Bulldog would counter Pillman's attack. This gave Bulldog a moment to breath.

The next man entering was Kanyon and he went directly after Bulldog who had been in the longest after a couple strikes, Kanyon ended Bulldog's time by tossing him over the ropes. He then turned and began helping William Regal who had recently gotten the upper hand on Shamrock. Pillman would stop the two on one by delivering a grapple to Kanyon.

Buff Bagwell entered next, he began to help Kanyon and together the two of them would eliminate Pillman. The brawl continued and nobody was eliminated before the last man entered.

Mike Awesome entered. From here, Awesome dominated the ring, and began eliminating people. First Awesome eliminated Kanyon and moment's later eliminated Buff Bagwell. He would attempt to eliminate Shamrock, but Shamrock would fight it off. Regal, Shamrock and Awesome would all exchange blows. In the end a wrong timed move from Mike Awesome would get him eliminated by Regal, leaving only Shamrock and Regal.

The two bitter rivals went back and forth. Shamrock had went for a Belly To Belly Suplex, but Regal countered. It just so happened that Regal had brought the brass knuckles, clobbering Shamrock with them instantly after the counter. After that Regal would throw Ken Shamrock over the top, capturing the vacant WCW Television Championship.


"The Animal Is In The Building"
-- ACT III --

The scene shows Batista entering the arena doors in civilian gear. He starts walking through the hall and notices one of the backstage crew members with a Sting t shirt on. Batista quickly stops in his tracks and looks at the man.

"Are you serious? You're gonna' take that damn shirt off right now!

The man stumbles his words and doesn't even get time to answer before Batista smacks him upside the back of his head. He then tugs at the shirt...

"Take it off..."

You can hear the heavy boo's throughout the arena. The backstage crew member reluctantly begins the slow removal of his shirt, this is obviously not fast enough as Batista starts a slap-fest before tugging the shirt and ripping it from the crew member as he flings him to the side.

WCW Tag Team Championship
The Road Warriors vs. The Faces Of Fear

The match went back and forth for both teams. The Road Warriors started to gain some dominance, but it didn't last long. Soon Barbarian and Meng took control, isolating Animal and performing quick tag outs. After Barbarian tagged in Meng, the team hit a double Samoan Kick which Meng followed up with a pin fall. Animal would get a shoulder up.

The match continued, but even with the counters that The Road Warriors mustered up, in the end Barbarian hit a powerslam and got the victory by pinning Road Warrior Animal.


"Making An Impact In WCW
-- ACT IV --
The NWO would enter first in this match. As Steiner and Hollywood Hogan stepped out on stage X Pac would follow behind them. After coming down the ramp and entering the ring, they would embrace the negative reactions flowing through the arena. The reaction changed as Shane Mcmahon's music hit, causing a roar.

Shane Mcmahon would step out onto the stage top once more and bounce around, shadow boxing. Shane would start making his way down the ramp, slapping hands with the audience the whole way down. Once he entered the ring, he quickly asked for a microphone. Shane would wait for his music to die down before speaking.

"Well, this isn't what I expected. Hold on, let me re-think this, this is exactly what I would expect from the NWO. Pac, you might as well make your way backstage now, because any additional NWO members are barred from ringside!"

The arena irrupts once more as the NWO go into a rage. An angry X Pac would then exit the ring and make his way back up the ramp to the audience giving him the "Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye" chant.

Once X Pac cleared the ramp, Shane looked at Hogan and Steiner for a minute who were standing outside the ring. After pacing for a moment, Shane broke the ice.

""Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my mystery enforcer. Formerly from Extreme Championship Wrestling and more recently from Total Nonstop Action, I give you..."

Unknown entrance music ques.

The mystery enforcers steps out onto the stage, revealing himself to be...

Lashley makes his way down the ramp to audience irrupting in a "This Is Awesome" chant during his whole walk to the ring.

TALE OF THE TAPE : The NWO want to dominate WCW once more since the re opening of the business. Shane Mcmahon vows to not let that happen. In the match at Fall Brawl, Shane has put himself in the match along with his mystery enforcer to take on two of the NWO's absolute best...

Shane Mcmahon & Bobby Lashley vs. The N.W.O (Scott Steiner & Hollywood Hogan)

Shane was eager to start the match off first, so Hogan let Steiner start for his team. In the beginning, Steiner's power was too much for Shane. Steiner would hit Shane with a bunch of power strikes and taunt him a lot. A missed strike from Steiner helped Shane gain a bit of a cushion as Mcmahon began using quick combinations and running strikes. Soon after he tagged Lashley into the match.

Steiner would quickly make a tag to Hollywood, wanting no parts of Bobby Lashley for the time being. This is where Lashley and Hogan stood face to face for a moment before exchanging blows. Lashley would start to take over with his power, throwing Hogan around a bit before Hogan would make a quick tag back to Scott Steiner.

Steiner would get the advantage for a little bit, but a couple power strikes would put Lashley back into the match. After a counter, Steiner would quickly target the legs of Bobby Lashley before tagging Hogan in. From here the team began isolating Lashley away from Mcmahon and had taken a good advantage.

After a while, Lashley would counter an Irish whip into the turnbuckle, and tag Shane Mcmahon in to where the duo would hit a double team holding strike on Hogan. Shane began firing blows at Hogan and after knocking him down, Shane would ascend the ropes and hit an elbow drop from the top followed by a pin. This would not keep Hogan down.

Hogan would get a counter and tag in Steiner who began power slamming Shane around the ring before tagging Hogan back into action. From here, the brawl went ringside. After both men did some environmental damage, Shane would catch a desperate counter and whip Hogan into the steel steps before placing him on the announce table.

Shane would ascend the ropes once again and this time execute an elbow drop from the top rope onto the announce table outside the ring(the chants began to reference that of what would take place if a priest were to use the toilet). Both men would barley beat the ten count, but the match was saved.

Shane would make a tag to Lashley and Hogan to Steiner. The match would irrupt going back and forth, but in the end Lashley would hit a running back-fist on Steiner followed by a pin. Steiner would kick out continuing the match. As both men would begin a long back and forth chain of moves, in the end Lashley hit a Spinning Powerbomb for the win.


"You Just Can't Beat The Numbers Game"
-- ACT V --

After the match, The NWO would flood the ring once more and start to pummel both men. Just when it looked like they would fight back and Lashley began clearing house, out from under the ring came Macho Man Randy Savage. Savage would use the infamous Cattle Prod that WCW made famous many years ago to drop Lashley.

The newest member of the NWO would then help the rest of the faction unleash a vicious beating to Shane Mcmahon that would end with Hogan spraying NWO across the WCW owners back with black spray paint.

The aftermath saw Shane Mcmahon being escorted out by medics on a stretcher.

TALE OF THE TAPE : Hart doesn't like Sheamus, Booker doesn't like Sheamus and Sheamus doesn't like either. Three men battle it out for the vacant United States Championship. Sheamus has looked powerful for weeks with his use of under handed tactics. Hart and Booker T will both look to take their frustrations out on the man who has been ambushing them, but at the same time they both have another key factor to worry about... each other.

Bret Hart vs. Sheamus vs. Booker T

By far the best match of the night. All three men went back and forth the entire match. The first one to get off any type of trademark was Booker T when he hit the 110th Street Slam on Sheamus, but the Celtic Warrior would kick out. This left Sheamus groggy as Hart and Booker began to exchange moves.

Bret Hart would eventually lock in a Sharpshooter on Booker T, but a recovered Sheamus would break the hold. The three continued to fight, and Booker would hit a running Axe Kick on Hart, as he went for the pin, Sheamus would stop Booker and hit him with an Irish Curse. From here, Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick, but Booker would counter.

With Bret Hart fighting his way back into the match, it became a back and forth brawl once more. Booker would go for a 100th Street Slam on Hart once more, but this time Hart would counter. After Bret Hart hit a piledriver on Booker T, he instantly targeted Sheamus, locking him in a Sharpshooter. After a long struggle, Sheamus would make it to the ropes.

Back and forth they went again, Sheamus would hit a White Noise of Bret Hart, but Booker T would save the match. After a long and painful match, it would end, when Bret Hart couldn't kick out of second Irish Curse from the Celtic Warrior.


After the match, Sheamus would grab the United States Championship quickly and roll out of the ring, while a frustrated Bret Hart and Booker T recovered. Sheamus would taunt both men, pointing at the United States Championship as he held it to the sky, basking in the harsh negative reaction he was getting from the Fall Brawl audience.

TALE OF THE TAPE : Batista looks to destroy everything Sting's name stands for in WCW. As the current WCW World Heavyweight champion, he has targeted The Icon to make a statement. Sting's pride has fueled him to prove why he was the main force of and still is in WCW. The hostility has built this match to new heights making it interesting to see exactly who comes out on top...

Sting vs. Batista (c.)

The main event for the first WCW pay per view in over fifteen years did not disappoint. Sting and Batista went back and forth and the battle was personal. It quickly escalated outside the ring where Batista would slam Sting into the announce table and the steel steps a few times.

Sting would catch a counter off a power strike from Batista and brought it back to the ring. The two continued a struggling battle to gain the upper-hand. Sting started to work on Batista's legs, but Batista's counters kept him going. The advantage came to Batista after a big boot.

A missed corner strike helped Sting slump Batista in the turnbuckle, allowing him to hit a Stinger Splash. Sting would go for a Scorpion Death Lock, but Batista would fight him away. From here, Batista unleashed a rampage of strikes and after weakening Sting, dropped him with a Batista Bomb. Sting would kick out of the pin, keeping the match going.

As Batista continued to do damage, Sting would catch a counter and then a second wind. Following a back body drop, Sting would drop Batista in a Scorpion Death Drop. Sting went for a pin here, but Batista would kick out, getting a negative reaction from the audience.

The battle went back and forth again, Batista would go for a Spear, but Sting would avoid it. After a few chest chops into the corner, Sting quickly went for another Stinger Splash, only to be dodged by Batista. The two exchanged blows back and forth, after dropping Batista to a knee, Sting rebounded off the ropes. Batista would catch Sting and toss him into the air leveling him with a catching Spear.

Batista crawled over to Sting for the cover, but Sting kicked out. Batista would pick Sting up for a Batista Bomb at this point, but Sting would reverse it. With Batista on his back, Sting locked in a Scorpion Death Lock. Batista fought tooth and nail, but in the end he couldn't reach the ropes and had no choice but to tap.


As the confetti dropped and Sting was announced the winner, he would climb the turnbuckle and hold the WCW World Heavyweight Championship up into the air to the roar of the arena. An angry Batista would climb to his feet and stomp around in rage. He began to sneak up behind Sting, but Sting would turn around before the Animal could strike.

At this point, Batista stopped and started to back up. Both men exchanged words and Batista left the ring in anger as Fall Brawl ended.

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