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WCW Nitro (Sept. Week 3) Latest?cb=20150820225052

- SEPT. (WEEK 3) -


-- ACT I --

The opening pyro package finishes, and almost instantly Batista's music hits. Batista walks out to the displeasing reaction from the audience. Dressed in his street gear and a pair of sunglasses, he makes his way down the ramp. Once he enters the ring he paces around for a while before being passed a microphone through the middle rope from a staff member. As his music dies down, The Animal begins to talk.

Batista starts talking about Fall Brawl. He begins to talk about how he is a true man and he doesn't deny the fact that he lost fair and square. He then goes on to talk about the new WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. Batista says, " I won't congratulate him, because I really don't like him".

From here, Batista then goes on to demand that he wants a rematch at Halloween Havoc and this time he will beat Sting. Almost in a sarcastic manner, Batista begins talking about Sting's legacy. He down-plays The Vigilante and begins to taunt him in a sense. With the arena drawing a good amount of heat from Batista's words, a familiar theme song hits the speakers...



Goldberg steps out through the pyro as the crowd goes crazy. Walking down to the ring, Goldberg keeps that determined facial expression on, much like he always has. After stepping into the ring and looking around the arena, Goldberg's music dies down. Goldberg steps up into Batista's face and stares him down for a while with a smirk across his face. Snatching the microphone from Batista's hand gives him a decent pop.

Pacing around Goldberg begins to confront The Animal. Goldberg refers to Batista as a boo-hoo cry baby, starting "Boo-tista" chants around the arena. Stating he is friends with Sting, Goldberg begins to talk about how he won't tolerate Batista slandering and mocking what Sting has done for the business. On the other side of that note, Goldberg addresses the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. He says that as much as him and Sting are friends, he wants that belt.

Goldberg continues to blast Batista getting a positive reaction from the audience. In the end, he basically tells Batista that he's not worthy of a rematch with Sting. Goldberg furthers this comment by saying that Batista has to prove he wants the WCW World Heavyweight Championship and the only way he can do that is if Batista can beat him in the main event tonight.

An angry Batista doesn't say much. Goldberg stares him down for a moment as The Animal gives no reply. Goldberg begins insulting Batista,  until finally a reluctant Batista nods his head confirming the match.

After this, Goldberg tells Batista...

"Well, then you know who's next... You're next!"

Goldberg drops the microphone as his music hits once more and gives Batista one final stare down before he exits the ring and makes his way backstage.

Tyson Kidd vs. X Pac

This bout was a three star bout for the opening match. X Pac took advantage first, but his arrogance got the best of him. X Pac would taunt and Tyson Kidd would catch him off guard with a surprise roll up pin for the victory.


After the match, an angry X Pac paced around the ring in disbelief while Tyson Kidd celebrated to a great reaction from the audience on his way up the ramp.

"One Half Of The Tag Team Champions"
-- ACT II --

The scene opens up backstage with Barbarian walking through the backstage hallway to grab a water. Something hits him in the back of the head on his way down the hallway. He turns around and can't seem to figure out who or what it was, but he goes to investigate a dark corner of the hallway, probably a door leading to the boiler room.

As he gets there, Kamala and Vader come up behind him and begin pounding on his back, dropping him to a knee. Kevin Sullivan and Abdullah The Butcher emerge from the corner of the hallway and the Dungeon Of Doom begin beating on Barbarian until he is weak enough to be moved.

At this point, the faction drags Barbarian through the door, shutting in closed behind them.

The Lucha Dragons vs. The Wolves

In a three and a half star match, The Lucha Dragons took advantage early on the fight. The only thing that would keep the Wolves in the game was their counters and some grapples. Sin Cara would hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for the first pinfall attempt on Edwards, but Richards would break up the count.

In the end, it was Kalisto hitting a Salida Del Sol pin combination on Richards to pick up the victory for his team.


"In Search Of The Barbarian"
-- ACT III --

We go backstage where Meng is looking around for The Barbarian. As he searches, he is stopped by one of the WCW staff members, telling him that he has a match in just moments against Vader. Meng looks back and forth frantic for a moment, before reluctantly making his way to the entrance area.

Coming back to the ring, Vader's music plays as The Mastodon walks out onto the stage with Barbarian's Tag Team Championship belt in his possession. Making his way down the ramp with a smirk across his face, he is to an onslaught with the negative reaction from the crowd.

After entering the ring, Vader waits for Meng. When Meng's music hits he starts walking down the ramp, noticing Vader has Barbarian's belt, he quickly rushes into the ring and attacks Vader with aggression.

Meng vs. Vader

This match only turned out to be a one star match as Meng let his aggression get the better of him. He mainly was striking Vader in the head and tossing him from the ring. The referee threatened to call the match a couple times. Due to the aggressiveness of Meng, even with the little counters and power moves that Vader got here and there, it still wasn't enough.

Vader would try to run from the fight eventually, but Meng wouldn't allow it and continued his barrage of blows. The match ended when Meng locked in the Tongan Death Grip in which Vader tapped out almost instantly.


"He Shall Remain In The Dungeon Of Doom Forever"
-- ACT IV --

Meng continued his assault after the match, striking Vader in the head, holding Barbarian's Tag Team Championship to Vader's face screaming "Where"! Vader wouldn't answer as Meng continued his attack.

It wasn't until the lights went out that Meng stopped his attack. The big screen would flicker on, showing The Master sitting in his throne in the depths of the Dungeon Of Doom. You could hear the torturing screams coming from Barbarian somewhere in the dungeon. With Meng looking at the big screen, The Master spoke...

WCW Nitro (Sept. Week 3) X240-HRr

The master begins to tell Meng that beating Vader down will do no good. He says Vader is loyal to The Dungeon Of Doom and won't betray them. The Master tells Meng that The Barbarian will be one of their tortured souls and that he will remain trapped in The Dungeon Of Doom forever.

It is at this point that The Master laughs. Behind Meng, "Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan, Abdullah The Butcher, and Kamala emerge. The faction catches Meng off guard as they begin to beat him down. Once Vader recovers he joins in. In the end, they leave Meng laying in the middle of the ring before leaving.

Ken Shamrock vs. William Regal (c.)

The two competitors put on a four star match, starting out going back and forth. Ken Shamrock would gain the advantage and eventually hit a Belly To Belly Suplex before locking in an Ankle Lock submission. Regal would fight his way to the ropes, so the match continued.

After a Regal Plex, Regal went for the pin-fall only to have Shamrock kick out. It was at this point that Regal took the brass knuckles from his tights. Only this time, Shamrock was hip to it as Regal had done it to him a number of times and blocked it off. This gave Shamrock an opening to work on Regal and eventually hit him with another Belly To Belly Suplex.

Fearing that the end was near, Regal would roll out of the ring to avoid Shamrock locking in the Ankle Lock. Shamrock gave chase, but Regal would grab a chair and drive it into Ken's ribs, causing the match to end in a DQ and giving Shamrock the win but not the title.[/i]


After the match, Ken Shamrock tried to grab Regal before he left the ring. William Regal would be haste though, getting his belt and rolling quickly out of harms way. Regal would boast up the ramp while an angry Shamrock would pace around disappointed.

Jim Neidhart vs. Fit Finlay

Bret Hart came down to the ring to watch Neidhart's back as Sheamus came out with Fit Finlay. Before the match, Hart and Sheamus had a verbal confrontation, building up heat. The official restored the order and the match between Finlay and Neidhart began. The two put on a three and a half star match up.

Neidhart dominated at first, but Finlay kept patient and got whatever counters he could until he took over the pace of the match. Finlay hit a Tombstone after gaining momentum, but Neidhart would kick out at the last second. Finlay got frustrated and lost focus, helping Neidhart take over.

It wasn't long though, because Sheamus would get involved distracting Anvil, almost causing a fight between him and Bret. As they referee restored order outside the ring, Finlay would give a low blow to Neidhart before hitting him with a second Tombstone to gain the victory.


Immediately following the match end, Bret Hart ran a Sheamus, knocking him to the ringside floor. Bret began firing shots at Sheamus head. Sheamus would get a quick power boost in and roll on top of Bret Hart, getting a chance to unleash his own damage.

At this point Finlay would roll out of the ring and attempt to help Sheamus get a double team going. This was prevented with the British Bulldog running down the ramp to help the rest of the Hart Family. Sheamus and Finlay would get a couple extra licks in on Hart before they both bailed. This drew huge heat to We Like To Fight and gave great acceptance to The Hart Foundation.

Booker T vs. The Giant

The match had a different pace to it, much like a three star match would. The match itself had a different pace to it. The Giant had took the momentum early on due to the weight advantage, but Booker T would counter back and begin working The Giant down on the ground.

After a while, The Giant would power back, dropping those big hands across the chest of Booker T. It had at one point spilled out of the ring , but both men used little brawling outside and it quickly let back into the ring. It was at this point, Booker T took the match over with his quickness.

Booker somehow managed to hit the 110th Street on The Giant and went for the pin after. The Giant had kicked out and at this point got a second chance to take the match back. He didn't waste any time as a couple choke tosses and a Chokeslam later The Giant would pin Booker T, getting the win.


"Making The Choice

-- ACT V --

After the match, the New World Order's theme would hit and the whole NWO would come out onto the ramp. Embracing the heat, they walked down the ramp and entered the ring. After entering the ring, Hogan got a microphone and paced around for a moment. After the music died down and the chanting stopped, Hogan would walk over by the The Giant.

Hogan started his conversation addressing The Giant as Big Dog, and then went on to congratulate him on his victory. At this point, Hogan was trying to butter The Giant up, and ended by extending an offer to him to join the N.W.O. Hollywood directly said, "we got Macho Man, Big Poppa Pump, Buff The Stuff Daddy, Double J and X-Pac. There's no way you can go wrong rolling with the best, brother."

Hogan then went on to tell The Giant all you gotta do is put Booker T on his back one more time. The Giant started to think while he was getting mixed reactions from the audience. Eventually he shrugged it off and then reached down, lifting Booker T up under his arm and locking his hand around Booker's neck.

The Gaint looked at a fatigued Booker T with a mean look for a moment. Just when the boo's began, The Giant then looked over at Hollywood Hogan and with the other hand, gripped him by the neck, letting Booker go. The Giant would Chokeslam Hogan, causing the NWO to jump all over him. The Giant would eat the swings off and continue to on to Chokeslam Jeff Jarrett and Buff Bagwell before dropping. At this point the rest of the NWO took the advantage and gave Giant a vicious beat down, until...


Shane Mcmahon stepped out in business attire and looked around the roaring arena. After a moment, he waved his hand in motion and Bobby Lashley came charging down the ramp. At this point, Booker T recovered. The trio then continued to fight the NWO in the ring until things cleared and the NWO made a break for it.

Goldberg vs. Batista

Putting on a four star match, both men proved that they wanted to be number one contender. It became a back and forth fight from the beginning. Both men unleashed power moves, but Goldberg took the edge until Batista switched it up a bit and began working the limbs and doing a bit more technical wrestling.

Eventually this offense led to Batista hitting a Spear in which he followed up with a pin. Goldberg got a kick out and the match would continue. Batista stayed aggressive, but Goldberg would catch some counters. Moments later Goldberg went for a Spear of his own, but Batista rolled out of the way, causing Goldberg to hit the ring post from his momentum.

Batista hit a Batista Bomb at this point, but Goldberg kicked out once more. The fans began to get behind Goldberg at this point with the Goldberg chants. At this point, the fight went back and forth once more. Goldberg would go for a second Spear, but again Batista caught a break and dodged it.

After Batista gained the advantage again, he would execute a spinebuster, feeling it was over, he went for a pin once more. Yet again, Batista could not catch a victory as Goldberg kicked out. It was at this point Batista's anger got the best of him causing Goldberg to take over. After hitting the Spear, Goldberg didn't waste time and went for a cover. Batista would get a shoulder up.

In the end, the Spear slowed Batista down enough to have Goldberg hit a Jackhammer and pick up the victory, becoming the number one contender for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship.


After the match, Sting would walk out onto the ramp and give a round of applause to Goldberg as the crowd roared. The camera would focus back and forth between both men as Nitro went off the air.

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