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WCW Thunder (Sept. Week 3) Empty WCW Thunder (Sept. Week 3)

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"Please Allow Me To Crash This Party"

After the opening pyro package to WCW Thunder, the camera zooms in on the ring, set up for the contract signing for Halloween Havoc's main event between Sting and Goldberg for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Moments after this, Shane Mcmahon's theme song as he walks down to the ring with a microphone in his business attire. Wasting no time, Shane begins speaking once his music cuts.

Shane announces both Sting and the challenger Goldberg down to the ring. Both men come down the ramp in civil attire and enter the ring. As it looks like the contract signing is about to be under way, it is interrupted by Batista's music playing. Batista walks out to a heated reaction as he makes his way down the ramp and into the ring.

Batista begins to make his point on how he should be in the match even after losing to Goldberg in a number one contenders match to Goldberg on Nitro. Both Sting and Goldberg feel insulted and they begin to exchange words with The Animal. After a short argument, Sting finally gives in and tells Batista if he can beat him in a non-title match up next week on Nitro , he has no problem beating him again.

A reluctant Shane Mcmahon gives in, and rips the contract up, stating "I guess we will have to set this contract at a later date, then."

With a smirk across his face, Batista looks confident as he leaves the ring, ruining the title signing. An angry Goldberg then grabs the microphone and tempts Batista to come back to the ring. More specifically saying, "Why don't you get back into this ring and show me how much you want to be in the main event at Halloween Havoc.

Batista steps into the ring and gets into Goldberg's face while Shane and Sting take a step back to analyze what's going to happen. It isn't long before Batista open palm pushes Goldberg's head back. Goldberg strikes Batista causing him to stumble back into the ropes. Upon rebound, Goldberg locks him and goes to hit a Jackhammer onto the table. A wise Batista would stop this with a low blow.

Batista takes this advantage to set Goldberg up and drill him through the contract signing table with a Batista Bomb. Batista then looks around and points at Sting, taunting Sting saying that he will be the next WCW World Heavyweight Championship. Sting quickly starts to remove his trench coat and unstrap his belt while Batista continues to taunt.

Shane Mcmahon would play enforcer at this moment, putting his hand to Sting's chest and reasoning with him. After the situation airs out, Batista leaves the ring and begins walking back up the ramp to huge heat.

Konnan vs. Lance Storm

Justin Credible played his part in this match with distractions, being in Lance Storm's corner. The match itself would only turn out to a two-star caliber match due to the distractions helping end it quick. Storm would end up hitting a super kick on Konnan, after Konnan argued with Justin Credible. This would help Lance Storm secure the win.


"Nothing Will Hold Me Back"
-- ACT II --

Charlotte comes out pre-match and talks about how she was set up. She had no idea Chyna would be in the WCW. With that, she vows that nothing will hold her back and that by beating Christina Von Eerie tonight, she will set forth her motion to once again become the WCW Women's Championship.

This doesn't go over too well with the audience. They begin a "You Suck" chant until Von Eerie's music hits, in which they irrupt with satisfaction. Christina Von Eerie makes her way into the ring as Charlotte has a bitter expression on her face from being interrupted.

Charlotte vs. Christina Von Eerie

Charlotte would let her anger get the best of her in this match. Putting on a three-star match, Charlotte was aggressive in the beginning, but her determination to end the match quick was a downfall.

Charlotte went for a Figure Eight early, allowing Von Eerie to counter and take the match over. Von Eerie would hit a Dead Rising, followed up with a Graveyard Smash to win the match by pin-fall. This caused Charlotte to throw a temper immediately after the match, while the audience fed off of her reaction.


Kanyon vs. William Regal

Kanyon started taking the fight to William Regal in the beginning, but Regal fought himself back into the match eventually. It didn't last long. As soon as Regal went for a Regalplex, Ken Shamrock rushed the ring to get revenge on Regal for Regal disqualifying himself in their title match on Nitro.

The referee threw the match out, awarding the win to Regal via disqualification. Shamrock would eventually Belly To Belly Suplex Regal and then lock in an Ankle Lock which took a massive amount of officials and security to break up as the audience went wild.


The Briscoe Bros. vs. The Dungeon Of Doom

The match was another three-star match. The Briscoe's dominated early on in the match. Jay Briscoe brought on most of the offense, using a lot of strikes. Eventually Kamala got a counter and tagged Abdullah The Butcher in. It was at this point that Abdullah took over for his team.

Abdullah hit a splash from the middle rope and pinned Jay Briscoe, but Jay would kick out. After a quick counter off a missed Butcher's Axe attempt, Jay would make a tag to Mark. Mark would gain momentum with his speed and go for a Death Valley Driver, but struggling to pick The Butcher up, Abdullah would counter and make a tag to Kamala.

After a back and forth battle, Mark made a tag to Jay. Jay started to dominate, but as he ran at the ropes, Abdullah would catch him with a forearm to the back of the head, allowing Kamala to takeover. Kamala would follow his scoop slam up with a Kamala Splash on Jay Briscoe to gain victory for the Dungeon Of Doom.


"One Angry Samoan"
-- ACT III --

After the match, Meng would run down the ramp and begin to take on both Abdullah The Butcher and Kamala. Meng began digging into Abdullah's head with his nails and as Kamala tried to grab him, Meng would lock in the Tongan Death Grip.

As he locked Kamala in the Tongan Death Grip, with his other hand, he also locked Abdullah The Butcher in one. It was at this point that Vader and The Taskmaster stepped out onto the stage holding a chained up and beaten Barbarian. Once Meng noticed this, he released Kamala and Abdullah and began to take chase as Vader and Sullivan went back behind the curtain.

Meng went through the curtain with the camera following behind, where he was hit in the head with The Taskmaster's Staff, followed by Vader giving him a huge body slam onto the pyrotechnics box.

Brian Pillman vs. Raven

Brian Pillman took the advantage first with strikes and jumps off the turnbuckle. He appeared to have a clean advantage on Raven, but after a drop toe hold, Raven began to turn the match in his favor with strikes in the turnbuckle and head/face locks. Raven would take the fight outside and toss Pillman into the announce table, smashing his head against it.

After using the barricade, Raven went for an Evenflow DDT outside the ring onto the concrete floor, but Pillman would block it. At this point, Pillman brought the fight back into the ring. Continuing to take charge, Pillman hit some moves and went for a couple pins, but he couldn't keep Raven down.

A blocked strike would help Raven hit an Evenflow DDT to pick up the victory.


"Welcome To The Nest"
-- ACT IV --

After the match, Raven would drop down into the turnbuckle and sit. He would wave his hand and Vampiro and Saturn would make their way down the ramp. As Pillman went to get up, they entered the ring and Vampiro would lift Pillman, drilling him with a Nail In The Coffin. To follow this up, Saturn would aggressively lock Pillman into the rings of Saturn in an attempt to injure him.

Vampiro would fetch a microphone for Raven. After the vicious attack, Saturn would let Pillman go and Raven would speak. Raven began talking about how people need to fear him. He starts to talk about how every group in WCW is now on notice. With that said, Raven's Nest is assembled.

Following his promo, Saturn and Vampiro would lift a hurt Pillman to his feet, allowing Raven to his another Evenflow DDT before leaving the ring.

Chris Benoit vs. Sheamus

These two put on a great match, worthy of a five-star match, but would filter around the four and half star point. Early on, Sheamus had the upper-hand with his power. He would violently strike and slam Benoit along with a good amount of taunting, drawing massive heat from the crowd.

Benoit's tolerance for pain allowed him to battle back. Once Benoit was in the drivers seat, he began to do some ground work and even targeted the arms of Sheamus. Benoit stayed aggressive, but a countered German Suplex would see Sheamus take over once again. Eventually, this would lead to Sheamus hitting a White Noise.

Benoit would kick out at two and keep the match going. While going for a High Cross, Benoit would slide off of Sheamus back and begin unleashing strikes before locking Sheamus in a Crippler Crossface. Sheamus would power out, causing the match to continue. The two would go back and forth for a while, and eventually it would spill out of the ring.

Coming back into the ring, the battle continued and Sheamus would go for a Brogue Kick, with Benoit dodging it, the referee would get caught in the mix. At this point Sheamus would bring a chair into the ring to try and take full control of the situation. As Sheamus cocked the chair back, it was Bret Hart running to the ring to make the save, pulling the chair from Sheamus.

Sheamus turned around and confronted Hart, allowing Benoit to regain the advantage hitting a triple German suplex combo. Benoit then followed it up with a Diving Headbutt for the victory.


Following the match, Hart would walk up the ramp as an angry Sheamus stomped around the ring to end the night.

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