WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 3)

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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 3) Empty WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 3)

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WWE Smackdown (Sept. Week 3) Wwe-smackdown-logo-old

-- (SEPTEMBER - WEEK 3) --


Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox

This match was much like a generic opener would be. Becky Lynch dominated while Paige was outside the ring doing commentary to see who she would wrestle at Night Of Champions for her WWE Diva's Championship. In the end, even with whatever offense Fox could put together, Lynch always had an answer and would win via submission with the Dis-arm 'er.


After the match, Becky looked out at the announce table and signaled to Paige that at Night Of Champions she would be the new Diva's Champion.

"We Have Some Issues"
-- ACT I --

The scene opens up to HHH walking into the arena with Stephanie Mcmahon by his side. With an angry look on his face, HHH stops the nearest WWE staff member and asks where Stone Cold is. The staff member doesn't seem to have an answer. HHH and Stephanie continue to walk until they are stopped by Renee Young.

Renee Young begins to ask HHH about his reaction to what happened before RAW IS WAR went off the air earlier in the week. It's at this point, Triple H takes a deep breath. Before he can speak, Stephanie answers the question for him. She tells Renee that right now HHH is on a manhunt and he wants to find Austin to "clear the air".

With that, the power couple begin to walk through the hallway. HHH stops another staff member on his way and asks if he has seen Stone Cold enter the arena. The staff member doesn't recall. HHH then tells him that if he happens to bump into Austin tonight tell him "The Game" is looking for him.

Isaiah Payne vs. Goldust

The match started off with the veteran Goldust getting the better of Isaiah Payne. After a counter  the speed of Isaiah Payne took over. After hitting a springboard stunner, Payne would go for the quick pin trying to end the match early, but Goldust would kick out.

Payne stayed aggressive. but a couple blocked strikes and a missed high risk attempt put The Bizarre One back into the match. After gaining some momentum, Goldust went for the Curtain Call, but it was fought off by Isaiah Payne. This allowed Payne to hit a Curb Stomp, followed by the To Hell With You for the victory.


After the match, Goldust had a hard time getting up, this led to R Truth coming out to check on his partner. R Truth would help Goldust to his feet and help him make his way backstage to get checked by the medical staff.

"Stealing Me Gold"
-- ACT II --

Backstage it was noticed that The Vaudevillains were walking around with the stolen WWE Tag Team Championship belts. The two were boasting to Renee Young and Lana who were in the hallway. Suddenly, the duo realized that The Prime Time Players were approaching. It was at this point that they took off running. The Prime Time Players would give chase through the arena, leaving the WWE Universe to wonder if they were able to get their titles back.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass vs. The Dudley Boys

This match had went back and forth for a while. Once the Dudley's got the advantage they dominated most of the match. Enzo would get a tag in to Colin. Big Cass would shift the momentum a bit at this point, giving his team the edge.

Eventually, The Dudley Boys took over once more. Not seeing the blind tag, The Dudley's were caught off guard and hit a Dudley Death Drop on Big Cass. Enzo would sneak in at this point (being the legal man) and roll up Buh-Buh Ray Dudley for the upset victory.


Following the win, Enzo and Cass would celebrate up the ramp with Enzo grabbing a microphone before hitting the ramp. It was at this point that Enzo and Big Cass began to tell The Dudley Boys that they were S-A-W-F-T, getting a comical pop from the audience.

"I Deserve It"
-- ACT III --

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler is talking to Vince Mcmahon about how he feels even though he's been on a losing streak he deserves a shot at WWE gold. Vince thinks for a moment. After thinking, Vince decides to put Ziggler in a match with Cesaro to see who will fight his enforcer Ryback at Night Of Champions for the Intercontinental Championship.

After agreeing, Vince then opens the door to his locker room. He tells Ziggler that he would now like to talk to him in his office. More of a I do you a favor, you do me a favor kind of ordeal. This leaves the WWE Universe to wonder what Vince has up his sleeve.

Finn Balor vs. Bad News Barrett

This match was the best match of the night. It started off with a back and forth battle between both men. While Barrett was relying on strikes in the corner and on the ground, Finn Balor was relying on counters and quickness. It wasn't long before the match spilled outside. This is where Barrett felt more comfortable, instantly taking over.

It made it's way back into the ring, where Barrett continued to stay on the offensive. A blocked strike allowed Balor to attempt a reverse Bloody Sunday, but Barrett would block the move and then hit a Winds Of Change. Balor went for the pin here, but Balor would kick out.

Barrett felt like he could seal the deal and went for a Bullhammer, This would be blocked by Finn Balor and at this point Balor would change the pace. After backing Barrett into the corner, Balor would hit a Basement Dropkick. Finn Balor would try to follow up with a Coupe De Grace, but Barrett would roll out of harms way.

Bad News Barrett would fight back with a barrage of blows. This time Barrett would connect with the Bullhammer and follow it up with a pin-fall to gain the victory.


"Confronting The Game"
-- ACT IV --

Backstage, HHH is sitting in his locker-room. When he looks up, Stone Cold is standing in front of him. The arena is anticipating an irruption. The silence grows eerie for a moment. Finally Stone Cold tells HHH, "I heard you were looking for me". Again, there is a huge moment of silence between both men.

HHH points to the bandage on his head. Stone Cold begins telling HHH it was an accidental shot, but much like HHH had said he won't apologize for it. HHH stands up from the locker room bench and looks Austin in his eyes. With neither man backing down, HHH says his last comment.

"We're gonna finish this discussion at Night Of Champions, until then we have a more important threat. I'm trying to take down The Authority, it'd be wise not to get in my way until that bell rings and the WWE Championship is on the line."

Apollo Crews vs. Luke Harper

Since Harper came out with the rest of The Wyatt Family, Apollo Crews was easily distracted and Harper took over from the beginning. The match seemed to go this way for quite some time. It wasn't until Cena ran down the ramp and began picking off the Wyatt Family that Crews began to take over.

The match would be ended with Apollo Crews hitting a Spinning Sit Out Powerbomb to pick up the victory on Luke Harper.


Kane vs. Edge

Edge took over in the beginning with strikes, but Kane would eventually show that he is pretty resistant when it comes to that. Eventually he countered a couple of Edge's strikes and began to take the match over with a couple power moves and big boots. Kane would knock Edge out of the ring, sending the fight ringside.

Both men began a strike-fest outside the ring. Once it came back into the ring, Kane continued to unleash a few power moves, followed by an early pin in which Edge would kick out. Edge would counter a slam from Kane and begin to work Kane into the corner. This would lead to Edge hitting an Edgecution. Edge would hook the leg for a pin instantly.

Kane would kick out and the match would continue. Later on, Edge went for a Spear, but Kane would avoid it and hit a Chokeslam. Edge kicked out at the last minute, causing Kane to go for a Tombstone. Edge would slip out and hit a neck breaker. This allowed him to battle back and hit Kane with a Downward Spiral for the win.


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