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WCW Nitro (Sept. Week 4) Latest?cb=20150820225052

- SEPT. (WEEK 4) -


"Let's Talk About Pawns, Brother"

After the opening pyro package, the new Nitro theme fades. The arena is on their feet and their cheers suddenly turn to boo's as the New World Order's music begins to play. All members of the New World Order step out onto the ramp and make their way down the ramp. Once they get in the ring, Hollywood Hogan begins to address things instantly. Once the music stops he begins speaking.

Hogan addresses Shane Mcmahon and his collection of "pawns". Hogan starts to talk about how Shane Mcmahon is using these people to his advantage because he doesn't want the NWO to reign over WCW like they did in the past. Hollywood then goes on to mention all of the talent that they have stored in the NWO. He talks about his accomplishments, The Macho Man Randy Savage's contribution to wrestling. He also mentions Scott Steiner is a genetic freak and Jeff Jarrett is a multi time champion.

Hollywood then starts to mention how Shane Mcmahon is only successful because he lives off of his daddy's money. This draws heat as Shane Mcmahon steps out onto the ramp to confront the New World Order.

Shane starts talking about how Hogan and the NWO don't know anything about him and how he is successful on his own. Shane also mentions, "I'm so successful, people like you and Jeff Jarrett still have a job in the wrestling business. Sure, you could go anywhere, but who wants two washed up has-beens with an ego bigger then Vince Mcmahon".

This gets the NWO's feathers ruffled as they begin to grow angry in the ring. Shane then assures the NWO that if they think their match at Fall Brawl left them all bent out of shape, wait until they see what is in store for them at Halloween Havoc to end his confrontation.

Bestia 666 vs. Sin Cara

Both men had a very fast paced and explosive opening match. In the end, the WCW Cruiserweight Champion would continue his impressive streak by hitting a Sunset Flip Powerbomb for the victory.


Fandango vs. X Pac

X Pac took over early due to his ring experience. He pretty much set the pace of the match with a lot of kicks and grapples. A couple running strikes would get him comfortable. When X Pac went for the Bronco Buster, it was blocked by Fandango. This had been the first time Fandango had control.

With the control, Fandango would eventually go airborne, missing a Beauty In Motion. X Pac waited for Fandango to re-gather himself coming off the missed attempt, before hitting him with an X Factor.

X Pac would roll over to grab the pin, but Shane Mcmahon would run down in gym attire and taunt X Pac. X Pac hopping off of Fandango himself would stop the pin fall and give chase to Shane Mcmahon outside the ring. As Shane slid into the ring, and slid out the other end, X Pac would continue to chase only to get caught with a Sit-out Suplex Slam from Fandango. It was with this, Fandango would win the match.


"The Bad History Between WCW And NWO Continues"
-- ACT II --

After the match, Shane would run up the ramp yelling, "I told you". As he got to the stage, he was greeted by Jarrett, Bagwell and Steiner. Looking intimidated at first, Shane took a step back. After a second thought, Shane Mcmahon lunged forward and decked Steiner, followed by Bagwell.

Jarrett would grab Shane up and all three men would start an attempted assault on the owner of WCW, causing a negative roar to signal through the crowd. This roar was turned positive when Lashley and Booker T emerged from the back and began to give Shane a hand. Moments later The Giant would arrive and the brawl went out of control.

Rick Steiner vs. Mike Awesome

This match showed a lot of pure power from both men. You would think that Mike Awesome would take the advantage, but Rick Steiner used a lot more technical wrestling to his advantage. After spilling outside the ring, Mike Awesome would get his chance to run the match. This would eventually lead to a High Cross once the match made it's way back into the ring.

Following the move, Awesome would make a pin, but Rick Steiner would kick out. A second wind was caught by Steiner after avoiding an Awesome Bomb. This led to Rick hitting a Steiner Driver. Mike Awesome would not take the loss and kicked out. Just moments later, Rick Steinter would put Awesome down with a clothesline, allowing him to connect a Diving Bulldog to pick up the win.

WINNER : Rick Steiner

"You May Claim Your Prize"
-- ACT III --

When Taskmaster makes his entrance, he comes out with Vader. Once entering the ring, Taskmaster gets a microphone and addresses Meng about Barbarian's imprisonment in The Dungeon Of Doom. He starts by saying that Barbarian is not in good hands. He said that The Master wants The Faces Of Fear member broken down and Barbarian's will is strong.

Taskmaster follows this up by saying he and Vader have had to resort to intense torture. Taskmaster then tells Meng that he is in luck, because if Meng can beat him tonight, The Master will release Barbarian from The Dungeon Of Doom. It is at this point that Meng's music cuts him off.

Meng begins making his way down the entrance ramp ready to fight, leaving the audience in much anticipation.

Meng vs. Taskmaster

Not much happened during this match on Taskmaster's end except for the distractions here and there from Vader. With the stakes high, Meng seemed to come out much like he has the past week. He didn't waste any time unloading strikes.

The distraction from Vader really did help at one point. As Meng was going to lock in the Tongan Death Grip to finish the match, Vader started taunting Meng outside the ring. This helped Taskmaster hit a roll up pin in attempts to pull a fast win. Meng would power out of the pin and then continue to take over.

Meng eventually went outside the ring and leveled Vader. Going back into the ring, Taskmaster tried to takeover, but Meng eventually locked in the Tongan Death Grip and quickly won the match via tap-out.


"I May Have Pulled Your Leg A Bit?"
-- ACT IV --

Following the match, Meng looked up the stage, hoping to see Barbarian step out onto the ramp at any minute. This unfortunately didn't happen. While Meng was distracted, Vader blindsided him. The Mastodon began kicking Meng while he was down and once Taskmaster recovered, he would join in on the assault.

As the two members of The Dungeon Of Doom laughed and taunted Meng while he was down, it was clear that setting Barbarian free from The Dungeon Of Doom was just a hoax. It seemed the mind games continued ending with The Dungeon Of Doom left Meng laying in the center of the ring.

"Unfortunately, You Won't Get To See Nitro's Highlight Star Tonight"
-- ACT V --

William Regal's music would hit and he would come out to a very negative response. Regal was dressed in a suit with his Television Championship around his waist. He addressed the WCW Nation after entering the ring by talking about how there would not be a WCW World Television Championship match tonight, and that his doctor had given him the night off after the "vicious and cowardly" beating Shamrock had given him.

This caused massive heat and it even got worse as he proclaimed that the WCW viewers would not get to see "Nitro's Highlight Star" defend his belt and he was deeply sorry. As Regal went on to continue talking, Shamrock's music hit and the audience went wild wanting to see The Worlds Most Dangerous Man take William Regal out on more time.

However Shamrock stayed calm and announced to William Regal that he was in deed the man that would face the WCW World Television Champion at Halloween Havoc. With that said, Shamrock told Regal that he hopes Regal can keep the belt until then, because he wouldn't mind making Regal tap-out and breaking his ankle before winning the belt.

Bobby Lashley vs. Jeff Jarrett

This match had it's own pace as Jarrett took the advantage in the beginning with a slow pace, targeting the legs of Lashley. Once Lashley caught a counter, he quickly shifted the match in his favor with strong running strikes and a couple suplex variations. After this, Lashley would hit a military press slam and follow it up with a pin.

Jarrett kicked out, keeping the match in play. Eventually, Jarrett caught a cheap shot and tried a dirty pin, but Lashley would power out. This made Jarrett go for a Figure Four, but Lashley would block the submission.

After a small back and forth strike contest, Lashley took over and eventually hit a Spinning Powerbomb to pick up the victory.

WINNER : Bobby Lashley

"Sneaky Jeff"
--ACT VI --

Following the victory. Lashley would begin celebrating. Jarrett remained on the ground in pain, but as Bobby Lashley turned Jarrett popped up and smacked Lashley in the head with a slap-jack that he had stored in his tights. With Lashley knocked out on the ground, Jarrett took off his NWO shirt and paced it over his head.

The Giant vs. Scott Steiner

From the beginning, even though Scott Steiner was big and strong, The Giant proved to be much bigger and much stronger. It wasn't until the brawl went ringside that Scott Steiner was able to take over after throwing The Giant against the barricade a couple times to weaken his ribs.

Eventually when the fight came back inside the ring, Steiner would go for a Steiner Recliner instantly. The Giant would power out and then deliver some big chops across Steiner's chest. After a choke toss, The Giant would make a cover, but it wouldn't keep Steiner down. From here the match went back and forth.

Steiner would gain a bit of momentum and hit a Steiner Screwdriver on The Giant, showing exactly how strong he can be. With a hurt back, Steiner made a cover, only for The Gaint to make a kick out. From here, Scott Steiner tried to keep the offense going, but after executing his signature, his back was shot.

This would help The Giant take over, and eventually a Chokeslam would seal the deal.


"Post Match Pandemonium"
-- ACT VII --

After the match, The New World Order stormed the ring. They began firing off shots on The Giant, but he was harder to take down then expected. Jeff Jarrett would slide into the ring with the slap-jack much like he had used on Lashley in the prior bout. From the ramp, Booker T would run in and stop this by grabbing the slap-jack from Jarrett and tossing it outside the ring.

Booker T would hit an Axe Kick on Jarrett and then proceed to help The Giant.The two began clearing the ring and The Giant would eventually get a Chokeslam off on Macho Man. As the brawl began getting out of hand, Shane would step out onto the stage and stop the commotion.

Shane makes a match annoucement for Halloween Havoc at this point...

Halloween Havoc Match Announcement

Bobby Lashley, Booker T & The Giant vs. The NWO (Hollywood Hogan, Jeff Jarrett & Randy Savage)

Batista vs. Sting

Batista came out hungry in the beginning, showing dominance on Sting that hasn't been seen in a long time. The match spilled outside the ring and Batista would slam Sting into the steel steps before giving him a spinebuster onto the ringside floor. It wasn't long after, Batista brought it back into the ring and tried to make a cover.

Inside the ring, following a kick out from Sting, he had managed to catch a second wind. Dropping Batista into the corner, Sting hit a Stinger Splash, followed by a Scorpion Death Drop, but Batista would kick-out. Following the kick out, both men went back and forth. Batista would hook in a couple submissions in attempt to make Sting tap-out, but that would never happen.

Batista would hit a Spear and go for a cover after an onslaught of strikes, but Sting would kick out. This become a batter of dominance for both men at this point and Batista lured Sting ringside once more. At this point Batista used the environment to his advantage and eventually Speared Sting through the barricade and into the crowd.

Both men would somehow make the ten count, cutting it close. Once both men stood, they exchanged blows and counters. This would lead to a good block followed by a kick to the hurt ribs by Batista allowing him to hit a Batista Bomb in the middle of the ring. Batista would crawl over and put an arm over Sting, catching a pin-fall victory earning his right to fight at Halloween Havoc.


Halloween Havoc WCW World Heavyweight Championship Announcement

Goldberg vs. Batista vs. Sting (c.)

"I Came To Get Me Some"
-- ACT VIII --

Following the match, Goldberg's music would hit. Goldberg would march down the ramp in his street clothes, taking his cut off tee off on the way down to the ring. Getting inside the ring, a tired Batista would try to leave, but Goldberg would catch his arm, capturing him in the ring, giving the audience great delight.

Goldberg would then fire a couple shots before tossing him against the ropes and hitting a Spear. Goldberg followed this up with a Jackhammer as the show ended.

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