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WWE/ECW ONE NIGHT STAND (JULY) 192px-WWE_One_Night_Stand_logo


PAY PER VIEW OVERVIEW : After Money In The Bank, HHH still looked to break down the members of a recently disbanded Four Horsemen (the disbanding came from a Michaels win over Flair at MITB) even further. He appointed Paul Heyman as an advocate for his doing, allowing Heyman to host a month of an ECW invasion, in which he could book the matches for July’s ECW One Night Stand PPV. HHH thinking this was a smart move had been deceived by Heyman, where Heyman had booked PPV matches such as Flair vs. Sandman vs. Taz and Daniel Bryan vs. Sabu the former ECW owner would set another match that The Game was not ready for. HHH would face Mike Awesome at the One Night Stand PPV in the main event. Through the month the invasion set the wheels in motion, making this PPV a true battle of dominance between both factions. In the end, who will reign victorious, WWE or ECW?


Ryback vs. Rhyno

The match started with a huge battle for dominance with a lot of lock ups, leading to Ryback getting the upper hand, following up with a lot of strong strikes. Rhyno would in deed not be effected by some, but a couple running strikes from the Big Guy would finally take Ryhno down.

The match went on and after a couple counters, Rhyno found himself in the drivers seat, tossing Ryback from the ring and bringing the fight to the arena floor. At this time we seen a lot of environmental damage done from both men, using the steps, turnbuckle posts and barricade to their advantage.

Rhyno eventually would break out the weapons and begin caning Ryback in the back and head a few times before suplexing him on the arena floor. It looked as if Rhyno and ECW would live up to their expectations of extreme early on.

Rhyno would go for a Gore on the outside floor that was dodged by Ryback. At this point, Ryback rolled Rhyno back into the ring to continue the fight in an aggressive manner. Ryback would strike and grapple Rhyno in the corner a few times before setting up and delivering a Meathook Clothesline.

Ryback instantly went for a Shell Shock, but Rhyno fought it off, shifting momentum in his favor once more. After a huge amount of offense, Rhyno once again went for the Gore. This time with a successful Gore, Rhyno would pin Ryback.

Ryback kicked out at a two count as the two continued to fight. Eventually a Table was brought into play. Once Ryback was back in the drivers seat he would lean the table in the corner, but a couple counters from Rhyno and another well timed Gore through the table would win the match


Edge & Christian vs. The Impact Players (Justin Credible & Lance Storm)

This match got brutal quick as a tornado tag would. All four men spilled the brawl out to the ringside floor. The Impact Players took the momentum first, but it soon became a back and forth battle between both teams.

Billy Gunn and Lance Storm would take the brawl back into the ring, While Road Dogg and Justin Credible brawled up the ramp a bit, using a good amount of strikes on each other. As Road Dogg and Credible both made their way back into the ring, a chair was involved.

After a DDT on Billy Gunn onto the steel chair, Lance Storm went for a pinfall, only to get a two count. At this point, the match up switched, allowing Billy Gunn and Credible to have a heated interaction of moves.

Billy Gunn hit a Fameassour on Justin Credible, followed by a pinfall, but Road Dogg would make the save. At this point a back and forth battle continued between all four men. Justin Credible would eventually hit a superkick on Road Dogg followed by That’s Incredible to pin up a pin fall victory for his team.


Bray Wyatt vs. Raven

This was a great match. Raven took the advantage first with a slow but painful pace, unleashing a barrage of strikes in the corner and a bunch of grapples from the ground before going for a chair and wedging it in the corner.

In an irish whip attempt, Bray reversed it, sending Raven head first into the chair. This gave Wyatt some breathing room as he started to take over the match. Wyatt began to unleash a few moves and then hit a running senton splash.

The momentum shifted again as Raven gained the upper hand, eventually suplexing Wyatt through a flaming table before going for the pin. It wasn’t enough to keep Wyatt down, and Raven instantly hit an Evenflow after the kickout.

Wyatt still would not be contained as he kicked out of a near fall. This frustrated Raven, causing Raven to unleash a few chair shots on Wyatt. Wyatt eventually countered on of the chair shots and a couple moves later hit a Sister Abigail that Raven kicked out of.

From here the match went back and forth for a while, but after a DDT on the chair, Wyatt would hit another Sister Abigail to pick up the win.


John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam

This match was a great match in a sense as it was more traditional wrestling then Extreme Rules is known for. In the beginning, Cena mounted up a lot of strikes while RVD used his speed and aerial moves to get himself the advantage after a long back and forth battle.

Cena would switch momentum and attempt a Five Knuckle Shuffle, only to have it blocked by a head kick from RVD. From this point, RVD began firing up once more, doing a lot of damage to Cena in the corner of the ring.

It wasn’t long after this that RVD would ascend the ropes and go for a Five Star Frog Splash which Cena would avoid before catching a second wind of his own. After a few power moves, Cena would hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, followed by the Attitude Adjustment.

RVD would get a shoulder up from a near fall. As Cena would start to work RVD’s limbs to possibly set up an STF later on in the match, RVD would take over once more after a well timed reversal.

RVD followed up with a Rolling Thunder, followed by a Five Star Frog Splash, but this wasn’t enough to keep Cena down for the victory. At this point, both men were exhausted, but would continue a back and forth fight.

RVD would ascend the ropes to go for a high risk move a little later in which Cena would counter, catching RVD into an Attitude Adjustment to end the match.


After the match an onslaught of boo’s came from ECW’s extreme audience. RVD showing good sportsmanship would shake John Cena’s hand in victory and raise his hand as the winner, seeming to calm the audience down.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sabu

This match started out crazy from the beginning, Sabu instantly took the match outside the ring, living up to his reputation as a daredevil. Both men brawled outside for a while, using the steel steps to their advantage until a chair was brought into play.

From here, Sabu unleashed chair shot after chair shot, until Bryan got a counter. Trying to play it safe, he brought Sabu back into the ring. Working the limbs, Bryan gained an advantage, isolating Sabu to the ground for quite a while.

Once Sabu countered, he began to change the tide with some springboards and aerial moves. It wasn’t long before Sabu hit a top rope frankensteiner, going for a pinfall. Bryan would kick out, causing Sabu to continue his onslaught.

A missed attempt at the Arabian Facebuster helped Bryan get back into the match. Bryan would grab the chair and use it to his advantage, busting Sabu open before hitting a YES Kick combo in which he followed up with a pin.

Sabu kicked out at two and the match continued. In the end, Bryan would hit a Running Knee to seal the deal, ending the match via pinfall.


Ric Flair vs. Sandman vs. Taz

This match was quite hard to call as the plan to destroy Flair was sabotaged. In the beginning, Sandman and Taz would deal more damage to each other then Flair. First, Sandman would begin a strike fest on Taz, which was eventually countered, leading into two german suplexes.

Flair would sneak in and begin mounting his own offense, throwing Taz into the corner before giving him a running knee lift. All three men would continue to fight back and forth with each other, making it hard to find an aggressor.

Sandman would eventually bring the cane into the fight and cane both men, before throwing flair into the corner and using the singapore cane to choke Flair up. From here Taz would sneak in from behind, executing a couple more suplexes before hitting Sandman with a T Bone Tazzplex in which he would go for a pin.

Flair interupted the count and began to target the limbs of Tazz. With Sandman down, Flair went for a Figure Four on Taz that would be countered. Eventually this led to Sandman getting up, catching a second wind, and dropping Taz with a Death Valley Driver before a pin.

Tazz kicked out at two keeping the match in play. Sandman threw Taz from the ring, before picking Flair up and delivering a Frankensander. A pinfall would see Flair kick out once more.

It wasn’t long before Tazz was back in the ring, firing strikes on both men. Tazz would hit another T Bone Tazzplex, this time on Sandman and go for a pin, which would be broken up by Flair.

Tazz would toss Flair from the ring only to get hit with a second Death Valley Driver from Sandman, followed by a top rope Frankensander for the victory.


HHH vs. Mike Awesome

This match was a powerhouse brawl in the beginning, but it didn’t last long. As HHH attempted a Pedigree, Mike Awesome fought it off and followed it up with an Awesome Bomb. At this point, DX rushed the ring and began jumping all over awesome.

From here, Natural Born Killers would hit the speakers and New Jack would lead an ECW invasion down the ramp all carrying weapons in variety. Behind New Jack came The Dudley Boys. Behind The Dudley’s came Rhyno.

The match turned into a rumble giving no real winner. As more ECW alumni came out, WWE talent would follow suit. With a wild brawl happening between both factions, Paul Heyman would come out onto the ramp with a smirk on his face, happy for the final outcome.

Heyman would stare on as the Pay Per View ended. (This match was scripted, obviously)


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