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WWE Summer Slam (August) Empty WWE Summer Slam (August)

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WWE Summer Slam (August) Latest?cb=20140731220727

PAY PER VIEW OVERVIEW : This Summerslam was dubbed “The Turn For A New Era”. A returning Shane Mcmahon would as HHH for control to all WCW as he wanted to revive the brand and take most of its old components and talent with it. HHH welcomed the idea, which infuriated Vince Mcmahon, causing him to return.

Vince would slander HHH and Stephanie’s contribution to the company, telling them they had turned it to a funhouse, allowing ECW to take over for the month and then allowing Shane to take half the company to WCW. Vince’s words would then turn into an offer… a match.

Shane would have to fight Vince Mcmahon’s hired gun, the Intercontinental Champion, Ryback at Summerslam to take WCW and it’s rights. HHH and DX had tried to stay level headed with Vince around, but Vince Mcmahon’s actions would turn HHH to snap and unleash his bottled up anger on Vince. This in turn set the stage for an entirely different match...

The main event for Summerslam would be Vince Mcmahon vs. HHH for the WWE Championship along with ownership to the WWE!

----(WEEK 4 : APRIL)-----

Annual Andre The Giant Battle Royal

The ten man Andre The Giant Rumble consisted of Big E, Mark Henry, Kane, Psycho Sid, Vader, Big Show, Scott Steiner, Umaga, Rikishi, and a debuting Rusev. During the match, we seen Vader eliminate Big E, Kane eliminate Umaga, Rusev eliminated Vader and Rikishi, Mark Henry and Big Show worked together to eliminate Sycho Sid, leaving Rusev, Mark Henry, Kane, Big Show and Steiner.

Steiner was the next one thrown out by Big Show. Big Show would get chokeslammed by Kane before he got eliminated. With only three men left, Rusev was eliminated by Mark Henry. Following a Tombstone, Henry would be the final man eliminated. The Big Red Machine had won the rumble.


Natalya vs. Paige(c.)

In the Diva’s Championship match, Natalya began working the legs of Paige, but Paige was quick to catch a counter, dealing a lot of her damage with strikes. A missed strike had put Natalya back in the drivers seat.

Eventually Natalya locked in a Sharpshooter, in which Paige would fight out of. The match went back and forth from here, but in the end, Paige locked in the PTO to gain a submission victory.


The Prime Time Players vs. The New Age Outlaws(c.)

This match went back and forth for quite a while. Billy Gunn seemed to take most of the damage in the match, kicking out of a Gutbuster Drop. Eventually the New Age Outlaws would turn the match around and begin quick tag outs.

Once it looked as if the New Age Outlaws were going to be victorious, X Pac would run down the ramp after a collision knocked the referee down. X Pac slid a chair into the ring for Road Dogg who would pick the chair up.

However, in a serious betrayal, X Pac would spinning heel kick the chair into Road Dogg’s face and knock Billy Gunn from the apron. Unaware of this Titus O Neil would get up and hit a Pumphandle Powerslam followed by a pin that a groggy referee would count, awarding the match to the Prime Time Players, making them the new Tag Team Champions.


After the match, X Pac would rip his DX shirt off, and expose an NWO shirt underneath. By the time The Prime Time Players figured out what had happened, the damage had already been done. They grew a displeasing look across their face as if they did not want to win like that.

X Pac at this point was making his way up the ramp, backstage to a huge reaction of boos and slurs.

Sting vs. Bray Wyatt

This was a match almost three months in the making and it showed. When it started, Sting began with a vicious onslaught of strikes, chops, and kicks that put Bray Wyatt into the corner. Sting would attempt some offense in the corner, but Bray would reverse it and begin a good amount of strikes of his own.

The match quickly spilled out onto the floor where both men began irish whipping eachother into the barricade, steps, and ring apron. Ringside, Wyatt began to capitalize, doing a couple power moves onto the ringside floor, before bringing the fight back inside the ring.

After a few reversals from Sting, the match became a back and forth struggle. Sting started to take the advantage by working Wyatt’s legs. After a while, Sting was in the drivers seat and irish whipped Wyatt into the corner once more.

Sting went for a Stinger Splash, but Wyatt dodged it before unleashing a running senton followed by a pinfall attempt in which Sting would kick out at the two count. Wyatt would try to execute a Scorpion Death Drop on Sting to add insult to injury, but Sting would reverse.

Sting started to fight back and eventually locked Wyatt in the Scorpion Death Lock. After a struggle, Wyatt would eventually fight out. Sting wouldn’t waste time and continued to work on Wyatt’s legs once more.
Eventually Sting would hit a superplex on Wyatt followed by a pin, but Bray would kick out at two. Sting continued to run the match after this, hitting a Stinger Splash. He went to follow up with a Scorpion Death Drop, but Wyatt reversed it.

From the turnbuckle, Wyatt hit a dancing Sister Abigail followed by a pin, but Sting kicked out at the last possible moment. With both men exhausted the pace of the match slowed down. From here, Wyatt began to take over.

In the end, Bray would hit another Running Senton, followed up with a Scorpion Death Drop to end the match.


After the match, Bray wouldn’t let up on Sting. He continued to attack him as the Wyatt Family came down and jumped on him. Eventually the boos would be echoed out by cheers as Booker T, Diesel, and Razor Ramon ran down the ramp to make the save.

The Wyatt Family would slide out of the ring to avoid confrontation at this point.

Shane Mcmahon vs. Ryback

The match started out like it was imagined. Ryback unleashed power moves on Shane, tossing him around the ring with ease. Ryback also used a lot of strikes to make Vince proud, being his hired up and all.

Shane kept trying to fight back to the best of his abilities, but his counters were quickly countered themselves. A missed Meathook Clothesline attempt gave Shane a little sigh of relief as he started firing shots at Ryback, backing him into the corner with a couple blows.

Shane quickened the pass getting his first small round of offense, but Ryback would eventually reverse a strike, taking the match back to a power clinic.

After a while, Ryback soon hit a Meathook Clothesline, followed by a Shell Shock. The referee would become distracted however when Booker T left the announce table. This caused Ryback to have a verbal confrontation with Booker.

Eventually Shane got momentum going, following the distraction. He hit a few risk taking dives and ground strikes to take over before hitting The Coast To Coast for the win.


After the match, a few WCW originals such as Ric Flair, Sting, and Diamond Dallas Page joined Booker T and Shane Mcmahon in the ring to celebrate. As this was going on, the camera would cut to an angry Vince Mcmahon backstage getting ready for his match as he watched the monitor.

Sheamus vs. John Cena(c.)

Cena dominated at the opening bell with his quickness. Knocking Sheamus to the mat with a few runng strikes back to back, followed by a few working hold from the ground. Cena stayed pretty aggressive in the early going, but a counter from Sheamus, sparked a little bit of fight back into the Celtic Warrior.

The brawl spilled outside the ring, where both men did a few power moved on the ringside floor, before it returned to the ring. Sheamus started to gain the upperhand. He began to give off a good amount of strong strikes before sending cena into the ropes.

Sheamus worked Cena in the corner for a while, before attempted a pin which Cena kicked out of. Once Cena caught a counter a couple moves later, he took advantage with a Five Knuckle Shuffle followed by an Attitude Adjustment to win the match.



Vince Mcmahon vs. HHH(c.)

Vince came out with Ryback in his corner, so HHH came out with the WWE Championship and Stephanie in his corner. HHH started off playing with Vince Mcmahon, irish whipping him outside the ring a few times and then letting him get back in, before truly locking up with him.

In the lock up HHH got the advantage, cranking on the arm a little before unleashing a good amount of heavy strikes to Vince. At this point HHH began going to town on Vince Mcmahon, taking him outside of the ring slamming him into the steel steps while watching Ryback closely.

HHH brought Mcmahon and himself back into the ring to avoid them being counted out and then began working on Vince’s legs.Ryback fed up with what was going on began to provide distraction,.allowing Vince to gain an edge for a moment.

After a couple counters from HHH, he was back to being the aggressor, nailing a Pedigree that was followed up with a pinfall attempt. The official tried to make the count, but instantly pulled out of the ring by Ryback.

HHH got angry and began going after Ryback, hitting the Big Guy with a strike. The referee sent Ryback away, and when HHH got into the ring, Vince took advantage, hitting him with a Pedigree followed by a pin.

HHH would kick out at the two count, continuing the match. Shane would walk out onto the ramp and watch from a distance. Meanwhile, the match went on and HHH took advantage once more. While this was happening, Shawn Michaels began to walk down the ramp, cheering HHH on.

In a scuffle the ref would get knocked down, and HHH would hit a second Pedigree on HHH. As HHH stood, HBK would slide into the ring and hit HHH with a Sweet Chin Music before laying Vince Mcmahon on HHH and waking up the referee.

The official would count the pinfall and award the match, ownership of WWE, and the WWE Championship to Vince Mcmahon as Shane and Stephanie both looked on with disbelief.


After the match Vince and HBK would celebrate, but Stephanie would enter the ring and slap HBK in the face. HBK grabbed Stephanie by her hair, but HHH noticed as he came to, and began to assault HBK.

While this was happening, Batista’s music would play as he ran down the ramp with the Money In The Bank briefcase in hand. Signaling that he was going to cash in, the audience changed their boos to cheers.

Batista kicked a petrafied Vince Mcmahon in the stomach and dropped him with a Batista Bomb into a pin to win the WWE Championship


Batista would get the fans rallying, but as HHH climbed back into the ring and Batista hit him with a Spear, the fans would silence once more. Batista pulled his WWE contract from his tights, ripping it up and throwing it on both HHH and Vince, getting huge heat.

Shane looking surprised on the ramp, didn’t know what to make of it as Batista exited the ring. Before passing Shane, Batista would go nose to nose with him, with the camera zooming in, you could hear his comment.

BATISTA : I work for WCW!

Batista would slap his free hand against the WWE Championship…

BATISTA : I’m the WCW Heavyweight Champion!

The screen would fade as the show ended.

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