WWE Raw Is War (Sept. Week 1)

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WWE Raw Is War (Sept. Week 1) Empty WWE Raw Is War (Sept. Week 1)

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-----OPENING ACT-----

HHH's music hit as he and Stephanie Mcmahon would make their way to the ring, getting a different reaction then they had been used to for the past few months. An angered HHH would get in the ring and begin to address what happened at Summerslam.

HHH started to talk about how HBK just couldn't help himself. He began to talk about how HBK and Vince Mcmahon were nothing but cowards and how they didn't know what was good for business.

HHH elaborated more, talking about how even when abusing his power he would still put the title on the line and fight. Basically stating that as rough as he was, in the end if a competitor beat the odds and was deserving he would give them what was credited to them.

Stephanie would then take the microphone and talk about how it was Vince who let Batista defect to WCW with the WWE Championship after cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase and not HHH. She stated her father was finally running this company into the ground.

Before he could say another word, No Chance In Hell played as Vince Mcmahon stepped out onto the stage with a disappointed, yet pleasant look on his face. Vince Mcmahon would then address the situation at hand.

Vince explained that Summerslam was bittersweet. He pointed the finger back and HHH and Stephanie, blaming them for allowing Shane Mcmahon to revive WCW. Stating if they would have denied Shane, the WWE Championship would not be tarnished with the disgrace of a failed company, and would still be within the company.

Elaborating more, he stated that he had warned HHH and that HBK's actions were because HHH had grown stupid. This is where Vince announced what the future held for the WWE Championship.

The WWE Championship would be given to the winner of a Fatal Four Way inside Hell In A Cell at Night Of Champions and over the next few weeks, singles matches would be held, determining the four contestants. The first match was then announced to take place as the main event.

HHH vs. HBK where the winner will advance as the first competitor in the main event at Night Of Champions. Vince also made note that he would be in HBK's corner in the main event of tonights show.

-Night Of Champions match announcement-
(Fatal 4 Way Hell In A Cell)

-RAW match announced-

D-Lo Brown vs. Hideo Itami

The match started out with a lot of speed. It became a back and forth battle early for both men, with counters, chain grapples, and strikes. D Lo began to edge an advantage hitting a couple big moves, before working Itami's legs.

D Lo felt confident and began throwing a couple taunts at Hideo Itami, much like pouring salt on an open wound. This caused Itami to go for a roll up pin, but after the kick-out, D Lo would keep the assault going.

Hideo Itami did everything he could to fight back into the match, gaining a short lived advantage with a running knee. Quickly D Lo would turn the tide back in his favor, once more. This led to Brown hitting a Lo Down Leg Drop, only to see Hideo Itami kick out of the pin attempt.

It wasn't long before a fired up D Lo hit a Sky High, this would keep Itami down for the count. Advancing D Lo Brown in the tournament to crown the European Champion.


Baron Corbin vs. Sami Zayn

Zayn took the match over instantly with his speed, hitting a couple different dropkicks until Corbin caught a couple power grapples. This would eventually cause the match to spill out ringside as Corbin became the aggressor,

Once outside the ring, a counter from Sami Zayn would cause the momentum to shift again, as he tossed Corbin back into the ring getting out of no mans land.

Sami began a strike-fest while in the ring, and then tossed Baron into the corner, hitting a running elbow instantly after, quickening the pace once more. This gave Sami the edge as he kept the deadly pace going for a while.

After a while, a couple counters back and forth put Corbin back in the drivers seat. Even with this, Zayn would not be denied as e fought back, hitting a couple back to back standing moonsaults on Baron Corbin.

Zayn kept the fight up, hitting a split legged moonsault followed by a pin that only seen a two count. A couple moves later, Zayn would hit another roll up pin, but this still wasn't enough as Corbin kicked out.

From here, Corbin started to power back, but a quick counter from Sami led to a Blue Thunder Bomb pin combo, in which Corbin would kick out of another near pin fall. Zayn's onslaught wouldn't stop as he directly went on to hit a Helluva Kick for the victory.


The Vaudevillians vs. The Prime Time Players

In the beginning, The Vaudevillians would become dominant after a quick back and forth battle. Gotch would begin working Titus O Neil's limbs and weaken him with grapples, staying close to his corner.

Quick tag outs and isolation worked for the Vaudevillian's most of the match as they looked to be working well, getting a great edge on the tag team champions. After a Fireman's Carry Roll from Gotch, he would tag English in to begin some damage.

English went for a pinfall, but Titus would kick out at the two count. After a counter, Titus would get a chance to tag in a fresh Darren Young who used his speed to take over. Young hit a few strikes and a few corner moves before going for a submission, only for English to catch a rope break.

Young tagged O'Neil back into the match and O Neil would take over with power moves, Hitting a Gut-buster before going for a pin fall. The fall would be broken up by Gotch and then Young and Gotch would begin a brawl.

During this time, English would fight back gaining the favor for his team once more. Hitting a Gentlemen's Clutch in which Titus would kick out of. Titus made a quick counter and went for a tag but Young was preoccupied brawling with Gotch out on the arena floor.

English got the momentum back once more, hitting a Director's Cut that Young managed to break up at the last moment, before order became restored. From here, The Vaudevillian's continued to do what was working best for them isolating The Prime Time Players from each other.

This eventually led to The Vaudevillians hitting there tag finisher on a tag in, which Young would successful break up at the last moment again. Finally after taking a beating for a while, Titus would tag young in off a well needed reversal.

Young turned the tide for his team after a moment, before tagging Titus in once more. It wasn't long before Titus O Neil hit a Gut-buster Drop on Gotch. Gotch would catch a kick out, keeping the math going.

A bit later on, after Gotch made a tag to English, English would get caught up in a Pumphandle Powerslam, directly after entering the ring. Titus would hook the leg and gain a much deserved win after a great tag match.


"New Authority, New Order"
-----ACT II-----

After the match, the Prime Time Players would call the New Age Outlaws out to the ring, in which they would answer.

With all four men in the ring there was an awkward silence for a moment. Titus O Neil would apologize for how they won the Tag Team Championship at Summer Slam and would officially demand that The New Age Outlaws get a rematch at Tables, Ladders & Chairs.

Ryback would then come out as Vince Mcmahon's strong arm delivering a message to both teams. More specifically stating,  "To put in blunt, in a company ran by HHH, The New Age Outlaws would get a rematch, but the company is ran by Vince Mcmahon and that's not going to happen."

The match was denied, causing massive heat from the audience.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro

Ziggler and Cesaro showed out in a battle for dominance early on in the match, with both men having a hard time gaining the upper hand on one another. Ziggler began using speed to his advantage, giving a slight edge with a serious of drop kicks and elbow drops.

After a risky unsuccessful middle rope elbow drop from Ziggler, Cesaro would take over, working on Ziggler's arms. From here, Cesaro unleashed a clinic of power slam and suplexes. Cesaro's momentum would lead him to execute a Swiss Death, only to see Ziggler kick out at a two count.

Going for a Big Swing, Ziggler would counter, and take momentum once more. Ziggler hit a Jumping DDT, followed by a pin that would only keep Cesaro down for the two. Ziggler then executed a few strikes in the corner before hitting a super-kick.

With the pin fall, Ziggler would only catch a two count on Cesaro as his frustration built. Cesaro caught a counter somewhere in the middle of an onslaught from Ziggler, taking the match into his favor once more.

Eventually, Cesaro hit a Big Swing, but this would still only keep Ziggler down for a near fall. It became a back and forth battle once more, and Ziggler would take over, hitting a Zig Zag followed by a pin fall.

Cesaro would kick out again. From here, Ziggler began working Cesaro once more until he built up enough momentum to hit a Heartstopper. This still wasn't enough as Cesaro kicked out of another near fall. An angry Dolph would go for a second Zig Zag moments later which was countered.

Cesaro would send Ziggler into the ropes and respond with a second Swiss Death, hooking the leg for a pinfall to win the match afterwards.


Witnessing a heel turn, we would see Ziggler come up behind a celebrating Cesaro to drop him with a Zig Zag before leaving the ring, upset. As Ziggler got up the ramp to the stage he would turn around and stare around the arena as he caught one of the biggest negative reactions of the night.

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena

This match wouldn't even get started. After John Cena made his entrance, the lights went out for Bray Wyatt's entrance and when they came back on The Wyatt family was already in the ring, jumping all over Cena. Cena would try to fight back, but eventually with three on one, it was only a matter of time.

First it was Rowan with a Spinning Leg Lariat. Then he would be lifted up and hit with a Discus Clothesline by Harper. Finally, Harper and Rowan would lift Cena feeding him to Wyatt for a Sister Abigail. As Wyatt rolled him from the ring, he demanded a microphone in which he was handed by Lillian Garcia.


"That My Friends, Makes Us The True Hero's"
-----ACT III-----

"I told you from the beginning, that The Wyatt Family is here to destroy all your heroes. All your yes, company men. The puppets that this corporation makes" , Wyatt said. Wyatt began to talk about how he had put Cactus Jack on the injured reserve and how The Wyatt Family had dismantled Sting at Summer Slam after their match. "We seek out to destroy the system", he claimed. He spoke about how The Wyatt Family would not be manipulated and that they would either destroy the WWE and their top contenders or make them see that it is better to live in the world that they come from.

"I am The Eater Of Worlds", Wyatt said. He spoke about how people like John Cena would make you believe that they are the saviors of the company, that they are the building blocks to the success of the company. "You need people like us, the ones that expose the truth. That my friends, is what makes us the true heroes", Wyatt explained.

After this, Wyatt dropped the microphone. He dropped to both knees extending his arms outward with a sinister laugh as his eerie video snippet played before cutting to the backstage area where Renee Young was standing by with Dolph Ziggler.

"Unappreciated And Deprived"
-----ACT IV-----

RENEE YOUNG : Dolph, can you give us a reasoning to why you attacked Cesaro after your match earlier?

ZIGGLER : There's no real answer to that question that hasn't been answered over the past couple months, Renee. For months, I've been fighting my way to the top. I've been putting on shows for these people out there in the crowd, and it seems the company or these people really don't appreciate what I do? I won the Intercontinental Championship and lost it to Ryback. I was never awarded a rematch and I deserve one. If nobody wants to give it to me, maybe I have to show an even more aggressive side!

ZIGGLER : All I can say is you're going to see a completely different side to the show off that you haven't seen. I don't care if Cesaro doesn't like it, I don't care if you or the company don't like it, and I really don't care if these fans don't like it. I've had enough of coming out to the ring and putting on great performances to be unappreciated and deprived. That's not going to happen anymore!

Ziggler at this point, simply shakes his head in disgust as he walks away.

HHH vs. Shawn Micheals

HHH began the match with dominance, HBK would try to mount some offense, but the Game made it difficult. It spilled to the outside eventually and became a brawl. HHH seemed to be unstoppable.

Eventually the match made it's way back into the ring, HHH would deliver a running knee lift and then follow up with a Pedigree. Only able to obtain a two count, the match continued. HHH would also continue to dominate.

A couple counters put HBK back into the match, but HHH would kick out of a Sweet Chin Music and gain the advantage once more. This is where Vince would try to distract HHH, helping HBK gain a bit of an edge.

After HBK taking over for a moment, another counter seen HHH drop HBK with a second Pedigree off an irish whip. This time, HBK would not kick out helping HHH gain the victory.


After the match, Vince Mcmahon would run over to the time keepers table and demand the time keeper ring the bell to restart the match, but before he could successfully make his plea, Stephanie would push the time keeper down and slap Vince Mcmahon in the face. An angry Vince would grab Stephanie by her hair, but HHH would roll out of the ring and violently attack the owner.

Ryback runs down the ramp and begins bringing an assault to HHH, rolling him back into the ring. As Ryback follows into the ring, HHH would great Vince's enforcer with a Pedigree. After standing, upon turning around a Sweet Chin Music from a now recovered HBK would knock the former WWE Champion out cold as RAW IS WAR went off the air.

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